Tuesday, November 16, 2010

*GASP* Vampire Lord and Goblin HotT

Well, it has been weeks since I posted, minus the "i'mnotdead" post. But, I haven't been sitting on my bum... well I HAVE but I haven't been in actively sitting on my bum. If you would, please enjoy the presentations below...
Doomwheels, my friends, I assembled and painted these on commission. Scored a nice buncha Uncharted Seas for the work on these. I think they turned out well since I had never painted EITHER Skaven or Doomwheels.

Double side view. I left the banners blank so he could do as he wished with them. I also didn't base them as he is an excellent base modeler and may not even put them on a base.
My completed Vampire Lord. I am hoping he will add 4 levels of magic whipass to my Vampire Counts army. They are wildly not deadly but using him as a cavalry fighting wizard lord should help.

In an effort to maintain the theme of the army I used the blood red, like everyone else does, and named him. He is Count Hubris Kriegpieler, older brother to Kestrel and Matthias.

The vampire lord will range in at 445 points as a level 4 wizard that gets to extra power dice every turn, causes terror due to a magic sword and has a 3+ armor save / 5+ ward save. I don't think he will ever get into the THICK fighting but I believe he will be able to hold his own and not have to cower, only be tactically careful as to his maneuvering.

This concludes the Warhammer part of our show, now on to something completely different... or not...

The below images are my completed Hordes of the Things 15mm Goblins. These were from the line of Alternative Armies 24 AP 15mm HotT armies. The Elves I showed posts ago were from the same line. The army (as shown here ) was designated to have 2 riders and 4 blades. But, frankly, the models did not say "blades" to me. They were a mix of goblins armed with short spears, some had armor, some just helmets but all shields. The short spears did not seem effective enough to warrant spears and while the 1st edition of HotT calls for hordes I would only be able to produce four or five hordes and that didn't set right either. So, warband seemed like a good idea. When all was said and done I was able to do 7 warbands (1 of which is the general), 3 riders, 2 shooters and a behemoth.

The six regular warband elements.

Two shooter elements.

Three rider elements.

The warband general.

A manticore behemoth.

This gives me 28 points of Goblin army so I can fidget around with my tactics but it WILL be mostly warband won't it? Now I have to find someone to play me, they can use one of the armies (Elves or Goblins) and we can learn the rules together.

Well, I have some other stuff to post later. Some old models I got at a toy soldier show and I am working on a unit of five Terradons and the last 20 of my Saurus Warrior Horde unit are almost done. I promise I will do my best not to lag so far between posts, but it is the holidays...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ubiquitous "I'm Not Dead" Post...

... as stated.

I have been really busy. I will be getting something up soon and it will be one of these (or more if I'm lucky).

My finished 15mm Goblin HotT army
My terrain set
My finished Vampire Lord

We shall see.