Saturday, December 25, 2010


To you all, whomever may see this, I wish a Merry Christmas and pray God bless you and yours with peace, prosperity and good health!

This is a phenomenally important time of the year for me being of Christian beliefs. The holiday is well known to be in celebration of the birth of the Christ child but not so commonly explored is the idea that this person is someone I seek to have a personal relationship with daily. I hold Jesus in the highest thoughts in my mind and though I fall short of the glory of God I do believe that through his grace I can be redeemed and reach his audience.

Here, if you will allow me, is my Christmas tree...
Nearly every ornament on this tree has some meaning, obviously, but a few that are of interest would be the two Mage Knight ornaments I was given by Wizkids as a volunteer and the trio of paper mache dragons that were added this year to represent my three children purchased by my wife for them.

Speaking of my wife, she did something amazing. She is always doing something amazing and this is this years something amazing. My birthday was the 20th (hers is the 24th, so this holiday is packed for me eh?) and she read this blog in seeking gifts. On the day before my birthday, the day after I invited all my friends to come and have fun of which many did come (something like 11 total) she and my sons gave me two big boxes. And most of what is in the picture below was within those boxes...

The box of KOTR are from a friend, Ron, who battle me in ACW that you can read in an earlier post.

(There is a battalion box, a grail reliquae box, two blisters of battle pilgrims, a general and a box of KOTR)

I was overwhelmed. I have been enchanted with the Grail Reliquae model for some time now and had fully intended in devoting a selling of portion of models, some painted with the intent to raise funds, to build an army including the Reliquae. If you look back to this post you will see how I have been considering this model. The aesthetic and story implications of the model really captured my imagination and conjured a bit of history to my beginnings in Warhammer. I feel I've come full circle now, and will close it tightly much like the Ouroboros eats its own tail and soon the valiant Bretonnian general Uther Le Courageux will lead his family and retainers into battle against Quetzapopalotl in a battle a long time come.

If you'll forgive my diatribe I plan to build one unit of knights of the realm and one of knights errant. I will need to obtain a battle standard bearer, and a blister of damsels to fill out my family. There will be myself as a questing Bretonnian lord, my wife as a prophetess of the lady, my daughter as a damsel, one son as a paladin on royal pegasus and the other as the army's (the family's) battle standard bearer. The army will obviously be character heavy but when I started the game the Bretonnians were allowed to have 75% of their army in characters so I'm okay with that.

I promise to post pictures as soon as I can get some painted, and again...

Merry Christmas!

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