Monday, March 29, 2010

Hordes of the Things

I've been reading other peoples plays of this game and looking at other peoples stands and units, especially on Tim's blog.. ( ) .. and I am starting to gear up for my own. Being a lizardman kind of lover I will be building a generic reptilian army, but with all due respect to WRG I don't like aspects of their generic. The biggest part that of the list I don't like is all the hordes, I don't feel that reptile armies would have a bunch of hordes, maybe a few in the form of masses of lizards and serpents swarming the enemy but the regular warriors just don't seem to be hordes to me. I think I'll be going with war bands over hordes. I don't think I'll be building this stuff up very quickly but you never know, I am unpredictable. I've got the pieces I need for my first war band, three first edition plastic saurus warriors. One of them has been modified with a new weapon arm from a current set so one will have spears and two will have hand weapons. I don't know if I'll use the basing standards in the rules, I'll use the 60mm frontage but I just don't know if GW figures will fit comfortably on the depths, we'll see.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Magic & Monsters: Salamander!

Finally! I get to the point of a post from so long ago. It took me a bit to fiddle out the rules for the WHFB Salamander Hunting Pack because I wasn't sure if it should be classified as a war machine with crew or a fire breathing monster. Ultimately I went with neither as you'll see...

First I looked up the stat line for "LIZARD" under the RPG monsters listing as there was no reference in the M&M rules. So, starting it has a move of 30ft, fighting ability of 30, power of 35 and agility of 50 with 10 survival points. Fine, we really only need the move, pow and agility. The move would transfer to a 6 as I'm sure the sale is 5ft per inch.

Second I worked out it's ratio as I just didn't see such a beast having a ratio of only 1 or 2, I decided on five. Now, in Warhammer it 3 attacks but 4 wounds and it seems to me it should be at least as good as an ogre in M&M which has a 3 and a mummy has a 5 so I went with 5 because I believe my salamanders could out fight a mummy at the least.

Well, when it came to the ability of the salamander to spit poison I weighed both the artillery option and the dragon breath option. The dragon breath wasn't too hard to weigh as 60 points seemed like a lot to pay and the salamander doesn't actually breath fire, it spits poison (originally) and I like that idea. But spitting poison doesn't seem very much like artillery either. Rock lobbers, bolt throwers, cannons....none of those seem like great poison spit. I mean, mebbe combustible ammunition that doesn't seem good enough. So, what I finally decided was to consider the salamander as five archers, counting it's ratio five as five ranged attackers paying 2 points for having a bow five times over. That might be confusing but read it again and it won't be any clearer!

So, finally I just tossed in the skinks I figured up earlier at 7 points each for four. I figured that the unit would move and fight in a skirmish formation and would simply fight like any other unit with multiple troops, really just 9 attacks. So the final tally would run...

Salamander - 47 points
4 Skink handlers - 28 points
TOTAL of 75 points.

I forgot to mention above that I assigned the Salamander an arbitrary defense factor of 8. I didn't want anything too high but nothing like a leather clad goblin either. I figure that should be sufficient to give the salamander a fighting chance without making it unconquerable.

Alice In Wonderland (Spoilers)

Forgive the divergence but I've been meaning to write other entries BESIDES my miniatures and gaming interest. Last Sunday me and my family went to see the new Alice In Wonderland in 3D and I just wanted to pass on that it was a really great movie. I enjoyed every minute of it.  The finest part of the film IMHO was the confrontation between the Jabberwocky and Alice wielding the Vorpal Sword. Just a fantastic fight that encapsulate the very essence of classic fantasy heroic battle. If you have the chance to see this film do so!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Fantasy Trip: Wizard

While the title of this post makes it sound like I'm going to talk about the game by the same name I'm actually going to talk about the wizard figure I have and stat him out for TFT. Something about TFT is really catching my brain so I've been fiddling around with the minis in my collection and debating pulling out my Heroscape game pieces.

Mostly you can blame a man by the name of Davie O. Miller and his website Melee Wizards (here: ) because he did such a great job presenting this game and the fabulous terrain and miniatures he has. So, endure with me. Or don't I guess, you can always tell me to get stuffed can't you?

Well, I've made up a little game card for my wizard miniature and as you can see at right [>>>] he is loaded with spells and is a foe to be feared. Having not played this game yet I don't really know if he is to be feared but I'm afraid of him, or would be, if I were a TFT arena fighter. I have the perfect bear miniature from Mage Knight already based and ready to be summoned to back him up. As it is a 28mm figure and he is a 25mm and it is standing to attack it is going to look huge next to him. I mostly picked the spells at random to be honest either because they sounded cool or useful. After all, who doesn't want to summon a bear to fight for them?

I'm still doing the salamander, frankly, I can't decide if I need to make him a fire breather, give him a range attack or just treat him like a war machine. I may post the build for all three, or just a couple, I dunno. I'll try to do that by tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming soon...

... really I am going to get up my stats for the Salamander and handlers for Magic & Monsters along with stats for some figures for The Fantasy Trip rules.

I'm getting there, I promise!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Union has assembled...

Okay, so, second post tonight. This one references my completed Union army. I am planning on beginning regular games of Neil Thomas ACW rules form is book, War Gaming: An Introduction and this is an 1861 Union army complete. This consists of:

6 units of infantry each consisting of 4 stands a piece for a total of 24 stands and 72 figures.

1 unit of cavalry consisting of 4 stands of mounted figures and 4 stands of dismounted figures for 16 figures.

2 units of artillery each consisting of one stand with a cannon and four crew.

Over all that was a big undertaking for me as I did it all at a single go. Normally I paint between five and ten figures at a time and this caused me to work on it in spurts until it was rapped up. They aren't the best in the world, actually they aren't 'good' at all but they are more than good enough for their purpose. At about three feet away they look decent and they are easy to transport. All of the figures are IMEX 20mm plastics and this was only the second time I've worked with this kind of figure.

The extra pictures are just for different angles. Next up is a Confederate army I've got on the stick to paint. This will be four infantry units, two cavalry units, and one artillery. I'll post those too when I'm done.

As promised...mostly...

Okay, so, I'm going to try to post these pictures of the adventurer miniatures I painted. I can't promise anything b/c I can't figure out how BLOGGER does this and why they make it so hard. :(

First up is a fighter with a great axe. On his back is a sword and shield slung. All six of these are actually metal miniatures of the plastic ones from the old Dungeon board game. You could buy an expansion and get all of the same figures in metal. I've had these for something CLOSE to twenty years and only just painted them last year.

This one I like to think of as a cleric, mostly because he is armed only with a huge spiked club and is wearing something vaguely akin to an Ankh on his fore head. In the early D&D days the Ankh was a common holy symbol used for drawings as it seemed to avoid most religious offenses. Being a devout Christian myself I appreciate old Gary and Dave's desire to respect my (and others) religions. I like this piece a lot, but, I like clerics a lot so that is how it rolls.

This obviously is a dwarf. All of these are in 25mm and are small anyway and he is smaller. I should have taken a comparison photo but I didn't, you'll live I'm sure. His shield is really small though, I can only imagine it was either an after thought for the molder or meant to represent the small metal shield in the old rules.

This appears to be a classic ranger. He is dual wielding a dagger and sword and has a buckler strapped to his off hand. He is wearing what I would call scale mail but really might better bet thought of as studded leather. I dig the plume, you don't see adventurer's sporting plumes anymore.

Very clearly a thief in my book. I painted him with a two color cloak (black on the inside) and he's carrying either a short sword and dagger or pair of long daggers. I'm not much of a face guy, sorry, I'm just not good at painting them. But This serves the purpose admirably I think.

Wizard or unarmored cleric. Really it could go either way but to me he is a wizard. The majority of my model classification is based off from my years of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons experience. So, a dude in a robe with a staff has 1d4 hit points and a single level 1 magic spell in his pocket. If you were part of those days that should bring back cold bursts of sweat and terror. If not, you missed out on some FUN sonny boy.

Well, that is it for this entry. I love this figures and am going to use them for The Fantasy Trip rules (Melee and Wizard). I have a bunch of hero scape and combining these guys with that seems easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coming soon...

Three things;

1) my Union army for my ACW plans

2) details on how I worked out the salamander hunting packs for Monsters & Magic

3) pictures of six adventures

exciting stuff!

Friday, March 12, 2010


It has been years since I've role played but this comic from really sums up a group of players that get on my nerves to no end, FYI, I'm in BLUE.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Friday, March 5, 2010


Continuing postings of my miniature collection, in this case, the Aurlock starter box from Alkemy.

I have only played the game once and I liked the play although the crossbowman on the other side completely owned me. I liked painting them and the Indigenous American theme to them is something fresh for me.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reaper Lizardmen

Continuing my listing of miniatures that I have in my collection and the paint work I've done today's little addition is a set of lizard men produced by Reaper Miniatures (item numbers 06039 and 02408).

Lizard men with spears and a lizard man tyrant as a small war band or nice encounter for a role playing game. I got the blister of lizard men spears from a local comic shop at a discount about two years ago and picked up the tyrant as a leader from last year's Origins where I volunteer. Overall I really like reaper miniatures and I really like their lizard men as I'm something of a lizard man guy. These along with the dwarfs and skeletons in earlier posts were actually a kind of experiment. First I primed all of them white which is not my normal primer choice (black is). I wanted to see if I could paint well on white which is something I really can't do. I rely a lot on the black to shadow and white is unforgiving if you miss something. Second with the exception of the Tyrant all of them were painted using a set of acrylic paints from Walmart, an inexpensive set of paints. I knew their quality would be less than a good pot of model paint but the good pot of model paint is no closer than 55 miles to the north and I don't always have the color I wanted. Over all though I think the paint jobs are suitable for their use, their no museum quality work but they can hold their own on the war games table.

14 Years of Happiness

Well, if you haven't read my bio then you wouldn't know that I'm married. I've been married now for FOURTEEN years as of two days ago. This is primarily a game and gaming culture blog I know but tolerate if you will a digression into something close to my heart.

I have carried what I like to call a classical view of marriage. It's something you commit to and not bomb out of because it gets a little hard. Anything worth doing in life gets hard at some point and when more than one person is in the mix the 'hardness' of the 'thing' grows EXPONENTIALLY. So marriage is one of the hardest things you'll ever do, if not the hardest, for both you and your spouse and anyone else who is part of the marriage. Every year is like gaining an experience level in first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Everything is against you, your allies are helping the best they can while still maintaining loyalty to their goals, and when you hit that experience point mark its like hitting a jack pot on a one armed bandit.

In a meandering way I was trying to get to this point --> I cannot thank God enough for the woman I married. She is everything I could ever want in a partner. This world is frightening and filled with monsters and dark hall ways but anytime I get a little freaked out just talking with her or just looking at her makes it brighter and I become confident that the monsters rolled all 1's on their hit dice.

The past fourteen years have been the most exciting fourteen years I could have ever imagined, and just like a gluttonous little kid I can't wait for the next fourteen...or twenty eight...or how ever many I can keep my heart beating for.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay, so, game night on the 27th brought four gentlemen to my (pool) game table to play my WWII rules bastardized from WRG's HotT and DBA.

It didn't go so well. In practice it was okay but the battle took almost three hours and was undecided. The units would engage regularly but were more tug-of-waring than just war. I was going for a more tactical game play where units could be committed without guarantee of eradication but instead got the opposite...NOTHING WOULD BLOW UP!

Well, I'm taking them back to the drawing board and reworking the combat results. I think I'm going to go for something a little messier but not a lot messier.

Also, I'm still modifying the lizardmen. I haven't had the chance to sit down like I'd like but it will get done.

ALSO I've begun painting up some 1:72 IMEX American Civil War units for Neil Thomas' rules in his book WAR GAMING: AN INTRODUCTION and they aren't all that hard to paint up. THEY AREN'T ALL THAT GOOD EITHER THOUGH. So, I will need to do 24 stands of 3 infantry, 4 stands of 2 cavalry, 4 stands of 2 dismounted cavalry and 2 cannon stands to finish the union and I have 11 infantry stands done with the rest of it 'sticked' up and to be primed black tonight.