Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all my friends and those I know I wish you all a Merry Christmas and would share with you of my life...
...after the great Christmas wrap tear through. Not as messy as it used to be, with the youngest being the boys at 12 there just isn't as many large presents anymore.

Also... was my birthday on the 20th. My wife made me a delicious funfetti cake, my favorite cake, and I ate the largest piece I could without looking like an idiot. :) The diet is tough after all lol!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Some Old 25's

Well it has been a while since I've been able to blog. The Christmas season is always very busy for me both out of choice and out of fortune and it is a splendid season. I have several projects on the table right now;

A club member's dwarf army I am cleaning up for him
A piece of terrain for our club terrain contest
A couple special order character PC pieces
...and a fist full of old Ral Partha 25mm's.

 First up is a dwarf figure of some form, he's wearing a cloak and he's got a great big hammer and something in his hand... by something I mean something. It looks like a stubby stick, certainly not like a scroll although it might supposed to be a holy symbol of some form. I painted it red... mostly because I like red!
 A green robed wizard. He's doing something funky with his hand, he's kind of turning if thumb out like he's performing a hand motion for a spell. The picture didn't come out very good, my camera is not the best but I think you can get the general idea well enough.
 A half-orc assassin, or maybe thief, he could be either. I do like he's got the classic snub nose of the old half-orc design rather than the bestial one of the current depictions. Classic black cloak with muted colors and barefoot for the best stealth, someone is either gonna dies or lose a fortune tonight I think.
 A lizardman with a whip. Again, not the best picture, for some reason his mouth really shaddy and you can't really see his tongue hanging out. he's also got a tail wrapped around his left leg and I could have differentiated the color but I don't like to do that without good reason. In my fantasy book of presumptions lizardmen are generally in a uniform color with some distinguishing features...which is rarely if ever their tale.
 A ninja, but seriously this guy is not human size imho although you can't tell that here. I'm really not sure of the manufacturers of these minis, I refer to them as all 'OLD RAL PARTHA' because those were my first exposure to fantasy miniatures. I really like the way this one came out, all black can be so ... well ... black and lacking definition but this one is good.
An earth elemental; there is one of each elemental in the stash I'm to refurbish for my friend. This one was bare metal when I got him, the others were not. I waffled between a gray stone and a brown stone and ultimately I like brown stone better because it could also be dirty... poop jokes be darned!

As I just said these were really refurbishments. All but the earth elemental were already painted... a long long time ago (in a galaxy far far away yadda yadda) and I either cleaned up the original color scheme or applied a new one over the old that would not be noticed. I did not do any stripping... I don't strip models unless it really needs done as this takes a lot of time to do right and I don't always have time to do it. I've got another 20 or so more and I'm going to do them in batches of 6 so you'll see the updates regularly. At the end of this post is a picture dump of other shots of these same figures from different angles.

On a WHFB note I finished a rough battlefield paint job on two cold one cavalry bringing the unit to the new standard of 10 and abolishing the old standard of 8. The guy on the right is partially a champion but he'll just hand out in the back since his spear is up and no one will complain. One of the guys from has a tomb kings army and one of the units has several standards in it. I don't know if they were there because he wanted multiples or because he was combining units but I think it looked very nice and I'm thinking about adding some extra odd standards into units just to add some flavor.

Now for the dump...

...well at least I got a solid post in this month. I don't know if I'll get another in. My wonderful wife got me a new computer and I am busy playing World of Tanks which may impact my miniature painting time, but i'll do my best... promise!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Love Child

It has been a while since I've posted... I have been really busy. I'm still painting and modeling and soon i'll be able to post some pictures of the Dwarf army I'm helping a friend complete. A mix of my paint work and other peoples paint work from many years ago. It will be his first completed army and he and I are both pretty excited.

BUT... I am not there yet. Really I just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and something is coming soon.

Also, last night, laying in bed with my wonderful wife we were discussing authors and if we knew each other's favorite authors. She has Amy Tan and Charles Dickens on her list among others and I have Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft...among others... ANYWAY... she also asked about Isaac Asimov. He is a fine writer and I like him well enough but I wouldn't classify him as a favorite.

But what she dropped next was hilarious to me. After I stated that Howard and Lovecraft had exchanged correspondence she postulated that Asimov was the love child of the two. Wildly impossible I know, but for some reason there is a strange (almost Lovecraftian) logic to that possibility.

Howard would have been awful young though...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Chaplain, a Cleric and an Attack Bike Walk Into a Tavern

I'm sure there's a joke there somewhere but i'll be darned if I know where. It does, however, effectively sum up what I've finished lately. Let us begin...
First up, Tim from Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog mailed this beauty to me for my birthday. I can't thank him enough, it's a gorgeous figure, I love his work. I have begun to study and will incoporate what I can glean into my own work... just like the Borg... except no cube.
Tim's a great guy, I really appreciate him doing this. I know every figure I paint is part of my time and I can't thank him enough. It is a honor to have her standing proudly in my display case.

Next up is the attack bike...
Look at those crisp Ultra symbols!

Oh my, what a fine hand painted Fast Attack icon!

Well... at least I was consistent.
I am not a particularly good free hand painter... I am a particularly bad free hand painter. I had put decals on their shoulders but they didn't hold right, they looked like poorly made decals instead of crisp paint. So I scratched them off and hand painted my own. Which is what you see here. I will get better over time, I hope, as the Ultra symbol isn't that hard.

As far as battle value as single attack bike with a heavy bolter only comes to 40 points. That isn't going to crimp me anywhere in my army lists and until I can get some regular bikes or other attack bikes to support him he's flying solo. This is fine in something like seize ground, but horrible in annihilation as he counts as a kill point.

Next we have my big happy...
I absolutely love this model!
Finally got a Crux Terminus right :)

Nothing like a blue shoulder pad to show your allegiance eh?
Bringing death to the enemies of the Emperor!
I love this model. When I saw it in the space marine army book I knew I had to have it. I got it in trade from someone on Bartertown and it came already pre-based, which wasn't so great and pre-primed black which I had to touch up. Well I tried to put some of what I gleaned from the cleric above and make careful use of my whites and I think he turned out pretty good. He'll come to a hefty 130 points, hefty since my captain in all his glory is only 155. He will be in a lot of armies though, probably supporting the terminators I have, but he can join any unit if I remember right. I love clerics (as you should know by now) and this guy is one kick ass cleric! I know some would say the Apothecary is, but really he's a medic because he has not religious back ground. The chaplains, though not healers, are the 'spiritual' leaders of their chapter and any leader with a skull for a helmet is something you should consider carefully before screwing with them.

On a related note this guy here...
Guess what I do with these!!!!
...will be giving a critique of my work. He's a friend and club member who is helping me get back into 40K. We've only had one match and while it was a tactical draw he truly beat me senseless. I plan to pay him back four fold. That aside I asked him to give me an honest opinion of the work on this model. He may do it here, I don't know, but anyone is welcome to provide critical feedback.

One final thing before you go...
...I am looking to start a historical project, specifically two armies using Neil Thomas Ancient and Medieval Wargames rules to replay battles between Queen Boudica's rebels and the Romans she was rebelling against. I have about half of what I need, pictured here, and need about this much again. Thomas' war game armies always consist of 8 units on each side, and each unit (usually) is four bases fielded together. There will be lots of legionaries and British war bands, but the real stickler is chariots. Thomas' list calls for at least 2 units of nobles, which are light chariots. If i'm reading the rules right that is four chariots per unit as only the scythed chariot is fielded as a single model. This may get messy, as that means 8 chariots minimum...and I'm thinking if i'm going to wind up with 9 of them from Wargames Factory... .why not buy one more box and have 12 fielding three units of nobles... I can field up to four after all.

I'll let you know how that turns out. :)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Walk Like a Zombie

Happy Halloween you bunch of internet nut jobs! With the haunting night upon us and the little skulkers readying themselves for raiding the houses of neighbors like Vikings with manners I present for you some photos of a recent event in my home town. On this Friday past the city participated in a Zombie Walk to raise money/resources for the local Good Samaritan Food Pantry. There turned out to be something like 60 zombies with another 40 or so other walkers (like myself). They zombies walked from the local park to a historical theater where they could buys some hot chocolate or beer, according to their taste for brains. Over all I think it was a pretty solid event, but it would have been nice to have some food stuffs one could purchase at the ending spot. Here are some pictures...
My sister with my two zombie boys.

I look like a fresh zombie int he back ground!

Cool ride and chauffeur?

The horde making it's way through the streets of Chillicothe.

First place zombie winner...and his mom.

A victim about to be eaten.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do You See This?

Tim over at Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog has a post up that made me giddy with excitement! I've always thought highly of his paint work, something about it just sings with life. Well a while ago he hinted it was his birthday on this blog to lure his club buddies into getting gifts. I jumped at the chance to breach that Canadian border and sent him a bit of odds and ends. He didn't feel right just taking stuff from a guy he didn't know so I cleverly asked him to paint me up a figure that I would send him, which was Kyra, Iconic Female Cleric for the Pathfinder series made by Reaper. Yesterday he posted the finished work and I had no idea he was doing it!
You can see the finished work here, it is fabulous!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lords and Ladys... and some "others"

Finally got around to finishing some models and getting them up on this blog. I'd like to say a thing about the quality of the photos, my camera seems to be dying, so try squinting a bit would ya? I'd really appreciate it!
Sir Matthias 
 First up is my Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer who represents my son Matthew on the table. This is probably the best picture out of what you will see here this post. He'll usually be fielded with the Virtue of Duty and a magic standard meaning he will have no other magic items per the rules for a Bretonnian battle standard bearer. Only having a 3 save seems a little soft, but he is a Grail Knight (he'll have the Grail Vow) and he'll be packed into a unit of 5 other Grail Knights so he might come through okay. So far he's been pretty much a bad ass in ever fight he gets stuck into. You wouldn't think so since he has only a sword and no magic but he is not a knight to be trifled with.
Sir Uther
 This is my General and he represents me. He has the Questing Vow, the Virtue of Knightly Temper and Sierenne's Locket (I think I spelled that right). Since he has the Questing Vow he can't use a lance so instead he hacks his enemies into pieces with a great axe. He has done quite well as the virtue lets him get extra attacks on the charge (one extra for every wound) and since he is hitting at strength 5 all the time he hits pretty hard. The locket is the best magic item in the Bretonnia book imho, it prevents him taking more than 1 wound in any phase. So it takes some real work to finish him off. In close combat you can't do more than one a turn no matter how hoss you are. This makes him perfect for tying up the biggest bad guy on the table that he can chop chop on with that axe.
Lady Debrana
 Representative of my wife is the Prophetess of the Lady. My lord points are tied to two lord choices and they neatly fit in 500 points. She is basically without any magic in a 2,000 point game but if I play larger she gains levels and magic items. A level 3 wizard is no slouch and she has caused her fair share of destruction with the lore of heavens. Lighting bolts are never fun.
 To fatten my Lizardmen some more I finished two more Kroxigor. That will make a unit of six and I cannot tell you how bad six Kroxigor hurt when they hit someone. I have one more to do and that I think I'll do in orange to fit into some skinks.
Ummm... out of witty comments.
And finally another 16 red skinks to buddy up with the 20 or so others. This will actually add a musician to the unit too! So there is now a standard and a musician and I can throw in a skink chieftain with a bow for a champion if I need to. Although I rarely feel the need to add a champion to any skink unit. They just don't seem to make that much of a difference. Sometimes I'll add the Kroxigors though, they can really tear up an enemy and with a nice bank of skinks to soak hits for them they are even nastier.

Next up I am working on finishing some more ghouls... and a corpse cart... and I have a whole bunch of Orks... so I don't know what will make it on next. Guess it will be a surprise!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, Well, Vikings I Guess

Well, it's been a couple weeks. I've been very caught up in my sons' middle school soccer team so I've not had the chance to get a blog entry up. Well, i'm still not in the place where I've got something of quality to put up but dead space is bad space so I've decided to put up an update kind of entry.

I've been modeling pretty steadily really. I finished 1,000 points of my Ultramarines and as my last pose showed a 1,000 points of Necrons as well. I've got all the Orks I own primed and ready to go, but they only come to 900 points... and 60+ models. That has always been what put me off building an Ork army, so many models for so few points. Greater financial investment, greater time investment, etc. But the AOBR box was so sweet and the Warboss so hoss looking I was able to push through. I'm confident the paint work will be nothing stellar, they are going to be Goffs and they are going to be green, black, metal and white checkers... don't expect too much :)

On my board right now besides the 60+ Orks is 22 skinks with javelins and shields to flesh out my skink javelin  unit more, 2 kroxogor to bring my unit to six, 15 mantic ghouls just to, a corpse cart, and three Bretonnian character's I'm finishing up. I'm really struggling with the Bretonnians. Anyone know how to paint some grails free hand?

THE VIKINGS! I published this post and didn't even explain the title. I just finished assembling 20 viking huscarls from wargames factory excellent line. I'm going to paint them, of course, but I don't know what game to use them in. I'm basing them individually on 1" round bases and they would be great for skirmishes but I'd like to get more, and some Saxons, and throw them against one another!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Necrons have Invaded

Last month I obtained a Necron battalion box and Necron Lord with Destroyer body. Last week, I put them together, primed them and painted them in the passage of two nights... well the assembly took three or four but only because I've been distracted by Space Marine for the Xbox.
Necron Lord with Destroyer body, Resurrection orb, staff of light and phase shifter. This is a 200 point lord but with a toughness of 6 he can't be insta killed, with the orb he will get up from damn near anything (as will the guys around him) and the staff of light is a great assault 3/power weapon combo. Plus, he looks cool flying :)

Back view to show off his green shoulders and properly assembled staff of light. I was very happy to successfully assemble that puppy with its fiddly end.

Destroyers with the standard gauss cannon. I built one looking forward, one left and one right.

Scarab Swarms. 7 bases is only 84 points. Not particularly deadly but their loss doesn't contribute to the phase out rule.

Warriors, one of the units of 14. 

Back view for some detail of the skeletal look.

All 28 ready to fight, this is obviously two units worth.
I went with a basic color scheme because I really didn't want to over do it. Necrons are basically terminators with an inferiority complex so a solid gun metal dry brushing with some green highlights to compliment the green plastic rods. I was careful in assembling them so that I wouldn't break any of the rods or the parts that hold the rods in. They are all 'clicked' in with no glue but very secure, except the lord who's staff has to be glued.

I haven't played them yet but it comes to just shy of 1,000 points, consists of 39 models of which 32 count towards the phase out. Which means if my opponent can reduce me to 8 models (after a "we'll be back" roll) then I just disappear. I hear tell they are going to do away with the phase out rule when they release a new army book, which is a good idea I think since my last game of 40K I got a tactical draw with 2 models.

Also forgot to mention that I updated the Ultramarines page.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm not dead... part two

Hey loyal readers, I'm not dead.

But I am really busy.

I have painted a lot of things and made some HotT terrain I want to post. But that will have to wait. I will get to it though!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nyss and Boomhowler

If you've read this blog at all you know I play Mercenaries in Warmachine... the single least supported faction. The faction THAT ISN'T a faction.


A while ago I painted both the Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters unit AND the Boomhowler and Company unit. No wait, scratch that, I did not paint Boomhowler. I got him in a trade already painted (quite nicely) but not based. I based him and his nine buddies and they went to a friend in a trade. Which I regretted because I like everything about Boomhowler, his look, his attitude... his... proliferation of the trollkin race. He dipped them, then traded them back. The dip was okay (Minwax) but they kinda got set aside for a while. The basing was really only half done.

Anyway (number two)...

I finished the basing, cleaned up the basing on Cylena's crew and clear coated them. Then I took several pictures of them as seen below.

Boomhowler is a solid unit in my opinion. Kinda costly (9 points for a full team in Mk.II) but a lot of both screening material and serious combat ability combined with tough making them a real difficult unit to dispatch. Your opponent will have to commit some force to stop them, or be on the unhappy end of Boomhowler's bellow and some brutal CMAs.

The Nyss Hunters...well...let me say something there.... far as a combat unit they are nice. Good special abilities to keep them moving through difficult terrain. Weapon master, combined range attack... solid. Not as solid as in Mk.I though; they had a nice AOE range attack if they fired together giving you a nice splash down. The CMA is good and all, but almost necessary considering how weak they are individually.


Rules aside though, I want to know what drugs the modeler was on when he developed this kit. Damn it is a terrible kit. Each model is seven pieces, that means six models are 42 and that is absurd. The models consist of a body (legs/torso), two arms (with weapon connections), head, quiver, scabbard AND THE HANDLE OF THE SWORD STICKING OUT OF THE SCABBARD...seriously? Why not just model the sword in the scabbard and if people want to cut it off let them. Much of each of these models could have easily been one piece, the head could have been molded on and one of the arms for most, if not both for the archers (it's a flat model ANYWAY after the assembly!). I hated putting them together, and they are not together very well. I make no excuses, I struggled with them.

The real sucky part? I have 8 (only 6 are pictured obviously) and need two more. In Mk.I you could field 6 to 10, not with Mk.II its EITHER 6 OR 10... so my two extra guys need to take a break till I find a couple in trade.

Also keep in mind the contest is still going on, till the voting on the company is done.

Thanks for reading and my YOUR run rolls always be sixes.