Thursday, January 20, 2011

Converted Skaven

A friend of mine went Skaven crazy for about a month, bought a shload of models brand new (including 3 IOB sets) and promptly played 2 turns of a single game then traded them all off for something else. He does this regularly, like, he's had dozens of armies and has played only a small fraction of that which he has possessed.


He asked if I could take a couple of the IOB pieces and convert him a Skaven warlord riding a rat ogre bonebreaker... I do so and this is the result..

... this is not a terrible complex conversion. I simply pinned the warlord's stone base to the back of the rat ogre then threw on a whole buncha burnt up pipe cleaners as various straps and ropes like it was lashed to him. I also threw on some shields to mask the simpleness of the conversion. I'm going to paint it up then put it for sale to see what I can get for it.

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