Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Knights of the Realm!

Well, they took me longer than I would normally take to paint only 8 models but my first unit of Knights of the Realm are completed (mostly, gotta polish up the bases). I've got a picture of them together and then each knight separately because, well, each is different as per normal application of paint to Knights of the Realm.
The total unit.. only 8 but there will be a Damsel in their midst at the least.
Champion obviously. The photography isn't so good so I'll tell you he's red.

Musician, again, obviously. The only non-helmet knight in the unit.

The standard he carries is that of the Bretonnian Lord the unit is fighting under. My general's colors will be black with a white field and a black battle axe for his symbol. This is mostly because my general figure has a battle axe modeled on the shield on his back and it is a perfectly acceptable decal.

He is BONE.



He is BLAZING YELLOW to the front and ROTTING FLESH to the back.
 My next unit will be the Grail Reliquae which I'm pretty excited about. The lighting didn't let the bone color come through very well here and I like bone as a general color so you'll see more of it. I think the colors for the Reliquae will be white and red... or white and shadow gray... probably red.

Also I'm working on some warmachine for my friend and more WoC... lots of Marauders to do.

I need to get a battle in as well.. really two we are in the fourth week of the year and I've only got 2 battles in so I need to catch up. Club night is this weekend and I have to official challenges one from High Elves and one from Ogres so my new Bretonnians will be put through their paces I'm sure!


  1. Very nice I like Bretts but as you point out heraldry really slows down painting. Look forward to seeing more of them.


  2. Thanks Jon! I appreciate the compliment and the comment. Next up is a unit of Knights Errant (after the Grail Reliquae) and I'm going to "quarter" them.

  3. Very nice looking and colourful units. Looking forward to seeing more units.