Friday, January 14, 2011

Under Construction: Bretonnia

On my work space right now is a bunch of stuff...
  • WoC War Altar scratch built by my friend Darrell.
  • WoC characters on foot; one with hw/shld one with hw/hw
  • WoC mounted wizards
  • 8 knights of the realm
  • 5 terradons
...and all of them are nearly done. I don't know why I haul out so much at one time. I wish I could get a grip.
Roman Dice... they knew how to game didn't they?

But anyway, here is my proposed Bretonnian army list I'd like to put forth for advice from my peers...

Bretonnian Lord on barded warhorse … 247 points
War gear: hand weapon, great weapon, heavy armor, shield and Sirienne’s Locket
Special: Questing Vow; Virtue of Knightly Temper
Saving throw: 2+ or 3+ when using the great weapon

Prophetess of the Lady on warhorse … 245 points
War gear: hand weapon, Channeling Staff, The Terrifying Mask of EEE!
Special: Aura of the Lady (2); Level 3 Wizard
Saving throw: 6+

Damsel of the Lady … 110 points
War gear: hand weapon and The Silver Mirror
Special: Aura of the Lady (1); Level 1 Wizard
Saving throw: none

Paladin on Royal Pegasus … 164 points
War gear: hand weapon, lance, heavy armor and Enchanted Shield
Special: The Knight’s Vow; Virtue of Ideal
Saving throw: 3+ / none for the royal pegasus

Paladin on barded warhorse … 204 points
War gear: hand weapon, heavy armor and Banner of the Lady as battle standard
Special: Grail Vow; Virtue of Duty
Saving throw: 3+

Knights of the Realm … 226 points
~8 knights led by a Gallant, musician and standard bearer carrying the Banner of Chalons
Special: The Knight’s Vow; Purebred Warhorses
Saving throw: 2+

Knights Errant … 210 points
~8 knights errant led by a Cavalier, musician and standard bearer carrying the Errantry Banner
Special: Impetuous; The Knight’s Vow; Purebred Warhorses
Saving throw: 2+

Men-At-Arms … 127 points
~20 soldiers with hand weapons, light armor, shields and pole-arms led by a Yeoman Warden, musician and standard bearer
Special: The Peasant’s Duty
Saving throw: 5+; or 6+ when using the pole-arm

Peasant Bowmen … 137 points
~16 bowmen with hand weapons, light armor and long bows led by a Villein, musician and standard bearer; the bowmen have defensive stakes and braziers.
Special: The Peasant’s Duty
Saving throw: 6+

Peasant Bowmen … 140 points
~20 bowmen with hand weapons and long bows upgraded to skirmishers
Special: The Peasant’s Duty; Skirmish
Saving throw: none

Grail Reliquae … 172 points
~accompanied by 12 battle pilgrims armed with hand weapons, light armor and shields
Special: The Peasant’s Duty; Hatred; Stubborn
Saving throw: 5+

...this list encompasses my family, there is myself as the lord character, my wife as the prophetess, my daughter as a damsel and my sons as paladins. I think it might be a little character heavy to be reliable but I'm hoping those characters can bring about quite a bit of destruction themselves. The royal pegasus paladin should do well in hunting down war machine crews or other such threats like weapon teams. The two lances will each have substantial support, one with the battle standard bearer and the other with the general. The foot infantry, though mostly bowmen, should be able to hold the middle or where ever I put them. I play to use the bowmen to long term effect, raining as many arrows as I can while my damsels bring magical hurt. The reliquae will advance with the knights, though not as fast obviously.

I would like to say it annoys me that the battle standard, if taking a magic banner can take no other equipment even stuff listed normally with the entry. So my paladin cannot take a shield, or lance or any such option because his standard is magical. If it was a normal standard he could equip all the magic items he could afford and normal gear. I am fine with the idea he can have no other magic if bearing a magic standard, but no other gear? Not logical imho.

Any thoughts?

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