Monday, February 28, 2011

Club Night and Two Fights

Last weekend's club night was not as good a turn out as I had hoped, there were only three of us. I got to play a game of warmachine mk2 which I haven't played before (even though I have plenty of army) and I got to fight Ron's High Elves again. Here are some pictures, forgive their quality I had only my camera phone to work with, I thought something is better than nothing.
This is the set up for warmachine; I played mercenaries (Gorten) and he played Khador (the Butcher). The scenario was to either take the two towers or destroy the enemy war caster.

At this point his Kodiak (i think) had taken the left tower and Boomhowler and Co. had take the right tower.

This was after his Kodiak charged out of the tower into a driller, tore the hell out of it and threw it through Gorten (doing 9 damage) and into the other driller. Sam and the Devil Dogs were making their way to assist.

And last turn (third turn); Butcher charged from the tower into Gorten and slew him with a single hit... game over.
I am not liking warmachine much anymore. I've got a lot of mercenaries but I'm having trouble getting mark 2 cards (I refuse to pay 20 dollars for the cards I don't need) and .50 cents each is fair I think but the ten dollars shipping is an insult. Also, unbalance in the game makes it unfun to play in my humble opinion. I used to be a HUGE warmachine fan, but I find it frustrating that Gorten (or Magnus) with maximum focus can be killed out right by the Butcher with a single hit. Really defeats the point of playing I think. I didn't do anything wrong and though I was safely out of charge range but even then, I don't think it's right that I have to cower from Khador... just doesn't seem to play well.

The following are from the High Elves vs Bretonnia, not in chronological order.

This was after his 8 swordmasters and noble charged my 20 men-at-arms... just a horrible slaughter of 18 dead on the charge. I didn't expect them to hold up too well but such a massive beating was sad to see. The two remaining guys did kill one swordmaster though, I was proud of them. They ran of course and got run down.

This was deployment: High Elves (l to r)- 10 pheonix guard / 15 swordmasters with noble / 25 sea guard with mage / 10 dragon knights. Bretonnia - 8 kotr with lord (unseen) / damsel on foot / 20 men-at-arms / damsel on warhorse / reliquae with 12 pilgrims / 16 bowmen / 8 errants with BSB

This was the approach of the reliquae towards the sea guard... he intelligently pulled the mage out to stand behind the unit and sling light magic from there.

They are engaged after loosing four models to stand an shoot, ugh!

After the swordmasters had run down the men-at-arms they took aim at my damsel on foot. She had the lore of beasts and the TRANSFORMATION OF KADON... which I failed twice and the slew her. So sad!

The knights errant and paladin had charged, slew two, and RUN DOWN the 10 dragon princes without taking a loss themselves. Just a horrible result for Ron, he rolled terrible. They then swung around to flank charge the sea guard which caused them to flee, the reliquae failed to runt hem down though!

This was after the sea guard fled, the mage cleverly moved out of both the charge of the reliquae and the knights but stayed nice and close.

Unseen here but the swordmasters were swinging around to get the bowmen; both the knights units were moving to engage but I had pulled out the paladin and lord, the lord was pursuing the swordmasters from another direction and the BSB was going to get the mage. My bowmen fired on the mage firs though and three good arrows later he was dead.

My lord charged the flank of the swordmasters after they charged the bowmen who fled from them. He took only one wound and killed three, they failed their leadership test and fled off my deployment edge.

Ron wanted to call the game at that point. He felt he had lost and I stated it was a draw which he thought I was being nice about. This very much wasn't so. He still had 3 fortitude and I had only 5, we needed to get the other down to two. Sounds good except he had around 15 sea guard left and 5 pheonix guard while I had only 8 kotr, 8 knights errant, a lord and a paladin bsb. That sounds like I have advantage but not really. I couldn't afford to loose much and neither of his units were safe for my knights to charge since he had ASF. Those pheonix guard are hard to beat down and fifteen spears can really mess you up. I think I could have beaten him but he could have beaten me too.

Both games were fun, well the warmachine not do much but I probably just need to get back into the saddle. I'm going to dust off some undone Cygnar and see if they hold up better against the clearly over powered Khador. I'll let you know how that turns out.

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