Thursday, February 10, 2011

High Elves vs Bretonnia...

Ron is a new inductee into the world of Warhammer and he is passionate about his High Elves. He has a growing army that he is learning to use with some serious threat even though he has less than a dozen games under his command. I invited him over last night to duel on the board and we agreed to 1,500 points. I have a four foot square battle board so that many points will fill it up pretty well. The following pictures show his deployment and my deployment. I built the battlefield and gave him choice of deployment zones. We then deployed one unit at a time with the first to complete deployment benefiting from a +1 to the roll for first turn... which was immaterial as a Brettonian player I would be stupid not to pray first for the blessing giving him choice.

From left to right: knights errant with paladin battle standard; peasant bowmen in defensive stakes (back); men-at-arms; damsel; grail reliquae; peasant bowmen skirmishers; knights of the realm with general

From left to right: reavers with mage; seaguard with noble; dragon princes; swordmasters with noble (general); pheonix guard; white lions
We had agreed to four turns then random determination from that point on; a d6 roll of 4+ would mean we play another turn other wise the game would come to an end.

I've arranged one photo per game round with the photo taken at the end of the round and all casualties remaining on the table except units completely eliminated.

The first turn was pretty predictable in that his army approached mine, missile fire was exchanged and few casualties were lost to it (I lost one he lost one) but the surprise was on my right flank where my knights errant with paladin battle standard bearer charged his white lions on my first turn. He marched them forward which put only 14 inches between us and my swift stride charge slammed into them. He had successfully cast shield of saphery on the dragon knights which had to be undone when my magic phase rolled around and I tried to blast them with chain lighting when he announced they carried the banner of the world dragon and I could not strike them with magic. I did throw the lighting into the swordmasters, then the pheonix guard and finally it bounced to the white lions in total doing around ten casualties across the three units but it took the damsel throwing a total power/miscast and doing 1 damage to herself, luckily no friendly units were close enough to be hit by the small blast template. In retrospect I may not have been able to bounce it to the white lions since they had been engaged in close combat by the knights errant. I read the spell but wasn't sure and to me it would be able to but I'll have to look for an FAQ on it. The white lions / knights errant fight was brutal for a first turn fight with my paladin challenging the champion who refused and did not participate in the fight. His ASF GREAT WEAPON BADASSERY killed four of my eight knights and when I replied I did five in return, won the fight but they held their ground thanks to stubborn.
Turn 2
 Turn two was a little gritty, if that term can be applied to a game of warhammer. In Ron's turn he moved the reavers with mage directly in front of the men-at-arms firing into them and doing only 1 casualty, he also maneuvered his pheonix guard to set up a charge on the knights errant next turn and rallied his swordmasters which fled from massive casualties (chain lighting) last turn. His dragon princes charged my grail relique as well. My movement had me maneuver the knights errant out of danger and towards the swordmasters as well as charging the reavers with both knights of the realm and men-at-arms. Magic was ineffective for both of us really as Ron's spells were dispelled and although I got chain lightning off on his pheonix guard their ward save allowed me only one or two casualties. The melee with the reavers was brutal, I eliminated them to a model but his assault on the grail reliquae was no less brutal with six casualties even through a 5+ ward save from the blessing; they held their ground though thanks to stubborn. I forgot to mention but our missile fire was also useless, not a single injury caused.
Turn 3
Turn three was really more preparation for turn four than anything but we didn't get there. His movement showed the pheonix guard turning again and the swordmasters turning, both aiming for the kngihts errant. I was basically running them around with my superior movement and staying out of their charge arc I had no intention of charging those swordmasters who would, although only five plus a noble, scissor up my four knights errant and standard bearer I knew that very well so I rode around them aiming for the seaguard. I did charge the pheonix guard with my knights of the realm and general though. Magic was all me and a chain lighting spells ripped into the seaguard killing almost half. Missile fire from both of us went nowhere again and close combat was only the dragon princes and grail reliquae. He killed only four of the remaining six battle pilgrims and they in turn actually killed one prince.The pheonix guard, having been charged in the flank failed to kill any knights and they in turn killed three; they failed their break test and were run down.

By this point it was late, nearly 11:00 p.m. and we both had work in the morning so he decided to call it. At that point it was a victory for me, but, I don't necessarily feel it would have continued to be so. I had held up nicely and my peasant units hadn't really been tried yet. I believe that my knights would have gotten his seaguard but the swordmasters could have charged the knights of the realm the next turn and I do not think they would have weathered a rear charge from them so well. Also, those three dragon princes were about done with the reliquae and while the men-at-arms were ready to charge them I'm not confident they wouldn't have been sent packing and the princes wouldn't have rolled up both units of archers and the damsel since she couldn't spell them to death.

It was a fun game, and though Ron saw his defeat I saw only and advantage that would not last if he had some so so luck and a good battle plan. As a last bit of photographic  I present this...
The peasant's aimed down their bows, ready to skewer the high elves should they have the shot... now if the damsel would just move.

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