Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Camera...

...you'd think he would take some damn pictures of the two battles he fought this weekend at club night!

But NO, why would I do that. So without pictures and without a record of my fights I am going to have to just present synopsis. Sorry there isn't more... I promise to take pictures and write some notes NEXT time.


Anyway, club night and I had two challengers to my brand new Bretonnians. They are in production so while all units were used, only one was painted and the Reliquae itself was absent although the decorative base made a showing.

My first fight was against a healthy 1,000 points of Ron's High Elves. He is a relatively new player of Warhammer and this is his first army based on the models from the Island of Blood box (such a good box!). He recently went nuts and bought several more boxes of models but hasn't had much chance to assemble so his army hasn't grown too much. He fielded...
  • 5 elyrian reavers with a champion
  • 5 dragon princes with full command accompanied by a level 2 wizard
  • 10 swordmasters with full command and a noble armed in kind
  • 10 sea guard with full command and a noble armed in kind
... he had no magic items but three characters and what I would say are solid units if lacking attrition. I hate facing swordmasters, I'm not one to cry out a unit's rules are broken but I would slap anyone who said shooting and spelling any unit of swordmasters into oblivion was Beardy. I took...
  • 8 knights of the realm with a prophetess of the lady at level 3
  • 8 knights errant with a paladin as battle standard bearer and sword of might
  • 20 men at arms with command
  • 16 peasant bowmen with defensive stakes and full command
...pretty standard really. I was looking to exercise the prophetesses magic and took lore of heavens as my lore.. he took high elf lore and clearly planned to make use of drain magic.

The opening pitted my missilery against his swordmasters doing too little casualties for when my knights errant with battle standard charged them. Normally I would not do that but as I've stated he is a new player and it seemed inappropriate to use 10 years of warhammer tactics on him. The knights errant are a solid unit and with a hero in it I figured they could at least, coupled with their high armor save, give them a fair fight... WRONG. Those buggers chopped them up good and when the knights failed their break test they ran too little and were run down. On my left flank the prophetess' magic had smashed the dragon princes to 50% and a charge on the reavers drove them off the table, they fled but weren't caught then fled after failing their rally roll next turn. During the end game the swordmasters charged the men at arms which promptly fled. The prophetess blasted them down to only four models, the archers down to three and when they charged again the men at arms I stood my ground (haha!) and he still killed a third of the unit with three swordmasters and a noble. I killed the four models remaining though and that brought the game to a close. Some mistakes were made, he isn't very good with magic yet.

The second game was against my friend Darrell's Ogre Kingdoms and he is relatively new to warhammer also. He brought a numbers heavy army and decided not to field any wizards and only a single magic item. I do not remember all the specifics but there were two units of 8 bulls, two units of 5 with great weapons, a hunter, a tyrant, a giant... hmmm some others including two lead belchers... like I said I don't truly recall. I took my entire Bretonnian contingent including a level 3 prophetess and a level 1 damsel; several magic items including the silver mirror which turned out to be useless since he had no magic.

As we lined up I decided my best odds against the monstrous infantry that are ogres was to throw both lances at the same unit and hope to smash them and push into his rear forcing him to either let me maneuver around to charge him in the behind or split his focus. Darrell is no idiot and immediately recognized the danger there so we began a hero placing contest to try to gain strategic advantage. I won that part of the fight and on my turn one after he marched forward with his entire line I charged my kotr and knight errant with general and battle standard bearer into the same block of bulls, killing four on the charge and suffering only 1 wound on each in return; he promptly fled and I ran them down putting me behind their line. That will probably never work again so long as I live but it was cool to see it happen once. The rest of the battle involved him charging into my peasants and men-at-arms and battle pilgrims. The pilgrims and men-at-arms held their own pretty well and I was proud to see them see off a unit of ogres bulls. Of course it was 8 bulls vs 20 men-at-arms and 12 pilgrims with the reliquae but a victory is a victory! His giant fell to the knights of the realm and his tyrant fell to the knights errant so he called it after that. He had suffered some pretty heavy casualties but we did alot wrong with the ogre kingdom rules so the same thing might not happen again!

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