Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cthulhu Tech and Other Stuff

I found the pictures of the Cthulhu Tech miniature given out at the GTS. Only the retailers got this goody and there was a limited number so I don't think all of them got it even. The pictures aren't the best because I had to take them with my cell phone.
The model was plastic and its arms swung freely kinda like an old action figure. You can't tell it here but it stood like one and a half inches tall.

Another picture. The gun was at an odd angle, kind of like he's just standing around waiting to re-spawn onto the table.
In other blog news I don't know how much painting or gaming I'll get done. I've started coaching my sons' U13 soccer team and that combined with my normal life and several social responsibilities that have emerged are placing what free time I have in a bind. I am block painting a bunch of chaos for a friend of mine so that will be where my painting is focused until completed, but FEAR NOT MY KNIGHTS, for I do have shloads of figures I have not photoed and blogged about. I'll try to polish up some of my Warmachine bases and get them up on the blog so you can see how I did there. I'm growing a greater interest in Warmachine and hope to teach it to one of my sons soon.

We shall see pig, we shall see.


  1. Interesting miniature could be used for all sorts of sci-fi things.

    Coaching football hey? (sorry I'm British so it's footie)good luck. My sons coach is giving up after four years through burnout. My sons trying out for a new team at the moment he is very sporty, god knows were he got from (it ain't me) sadly I don't think he is going to follow dads obession with little men.

  2. Thanks for the luck Jon, I'm going to need it. This is supposed to be a recreational league but there are some elements in it that make it "unfun" to be all Orwellian.