Friday, March 4, 2011

Fifteen Years of Awesome!

March 2nd was my anniversary, 15 years of exciting and fulfilling marriage to a woman who I cannot thank my God enough for. Fifteen years seemed important enough to me to get something nice, not that I get her bad things mind you. I wanted to get her a piece of fine jewelry that she would be able to wear daily but fit her taste in jewelry which is very specific. I found a nice Gabriel & Co. silver necklace with a smokey amethyst stone in it, very beautiful and she liked it, BUT, that is not what this post is about. It's about these guys:
MG028, "The Big Jump" from King and Country British Paratrooeprs. Oh my I was so excited I did not know what to say when I opened these. I love King and County and W. Brittains and all the 1/35th scale figures but they are all so costly that I do not buy them for myself. I have a small collection that I've built from gifts. Its very eclectic admittedly but I am eclectic so that fits well. These guys went up almost immediately and are now dropping in from the ceiling in my basement family room right by the hutch with a horde of my painted work.

I do not know how to treat my wife! First she surprises me in December with the Bretonnian army I was dying for and now she bring Paratroopers into my collection. I just cannot think of a way to show my gratitude, so if you guys have any ideas out there please throw them out. Till them, I think I'm going to go down stairs and make machine gun noises while I play with my new troopers.


  1. Excellent little jewels...I would love to have a collection of these.

  2. Yeah, they are wonderful, and so expensive. Just a couple of soldiers is the same price as a whole battalion box for warhammer. LOL!