Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GAMA Trade Show

 Well, last week I spent my time in Las Vegas Nevada enjoying the GAMA Trade Show, the same guys who run Origins. I volunteered and worked as show security as well as a variety of other responsibilities.  The following are some pictures from the show, I was pretty busy and some of the stuff I wasn't allowed to photograph which is fine. Hope you enjoy...

This was a racing game via Pitch Car but with marbles and made out of plastic instead of wood. I'm hoping this is more affordable as Pitch Car costs at the butt!

This was a new game called Chaostle that was I got to play at the open game night, see more about that below.

This was a demo of Cthulhu Tech. I really don't know what to expect from this and I did not get to demo it. There were a hand full of miniatures on display but I'm not even sure if they were official releases. I know in the visitor swag bag was a Cthulhu Tech miniature and I had a picture but I can't find it now.

Cryptozoic's huge backdrop for their demonstration area.

Super Dungeon Explore was on display and it looks very very fun. The kobolds are the best I've seen; while not "realistic" they were very evocative and I could almost hear the little bastards giggling.

Mercs figures, don't know much about this.

More Mercs.


And another Super Dungeon Explore. I tried to get the kobolds a little closer.

At the open game night I got to play Arena Assault with the designer and he was pretty cool and the game is really nice. I got a free demo to take home which was even cooler of him. With just two players it doesn't play all that exciting but we played with five and it rocked pretty hard. A match was done in like 20 minutes and we could have played through three or four more in no time. Brutally fast, if you like that kind of game it is fairly worth it. Not the best art work but playability makes up for it.

I also got to play in Chaostle which was nothing like I expected. I was expecting some kind of skirmish fantasy game and it was not that at all. I would best describe it as a fantasy race game with combat and a random events table thrown in. One of the nice mechanics was the plain old movement dice roll. Each number meant something, such as a 3 meaning you could take another turn and a 4 meaning you could decide not to move which was something you normally had to do. If you rolled a 5 you had to roll 3d6 on a random table that gave a good or bad result and either struck you (or the whole board) or granted you an advantage. Poor guy playing with us rolled a 5 first turn followed by the Death roll and his first piece died first turn, ironically he came back with that same piece and won the game. The components were nice but there was two hand outs for the approximately 65 random results. Also, the pieces were leveled one to three and a level three really did out class a level one. Also, final hint, PLAY THE UNICORN FOR GOODNESS SAKES!
This is some of the cards that came with the game. A lot of information on there but it could be assimilated pretty quick.

Well, hope you enjoyed my GTS debriefing. Next I hope to get some archers on the table and into the blog. No pledge yet though as I still have not got to play COD with my friends and if my daughter doesn't eventually start dating someplace besides my xbox I'm going to move the damn thing.

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