Monday, March 21, 2011


I kept my pledge, I just didn't get to photograph my pledge and put it up here before heading off to Las Vegas for GTS. Well I've done so now that I've had a few days to catch up. So without further ado....
The Grail Reliquae as a whole unit. Six wide and three deep makes it a fairly solid unit that only four of the twelve pilgrims cannot fight from the front rank. I went with a white and red them but wanted them to look like they wash their clothes because they are holy to him but not their bodies. I also wanted a relatively simply color scheme as honestly this unit is as busy as they come.
Skewed view of the unit trying to show off the pilgrims.
Just the reliquae with it's four carrying pilgrims. I painted each piece separately then assembled them because it seemed easiest; normally I just put it together and paint it as I can.
Another view of the reliquae. I just love this model.
One of my favorite battle pilgrims. I have two with the mask and I painted the other red just to break uniformity.
Bearded hooded sword wielder. He looks like he wants some action!
Chubby guy with a stitched up wound on his big round belly. Looking at it makes my big round belly hurt!

Next up will be some of the first edition plastic Bretonnian peasant archers. I've got 20 primed and I don't plan to make it all that complex of a paint job. I want to get this army painted up and fielded more!

Also I've got a tons of stuff to share from GTS I just did not want to cram it all into one post. So, probably tomorrow you'll see more!