Monday, March 7, 2011

A Pledge!

I see some blog gamers pledge to paint a certain number of pieces each month, I'm not going to do that as my life is far to complex to make an effective pledge. But I will pledge this: I will not play another game of COD, or any xbox game, until I have finished my Grail Reliquae and Battle Pilgrims. This is not that brutal a pledge as The reliquae itself is all but done and the pilgrims aren't far behind but I am taking way too long to finish these guys. My wife bought me a wonderful stand up magnifier light so I have no good reason not to apply some effort to finishing them. The tight part is that I am going to the GAMA trade show next week so I need to finish them this week or it will look totally lame that it took two plus weeks to finish this pledge!

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