Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Game Night and Dwarfs VS Vampires

A couple Saturdays ago was club night and I got a chance to play Darrell and his new dwarfs. I also watched his dwarfs pound Ron's high elves (ouch) and we played some game from Wizkids that was about laying tiles with strings which was pretty good. I've only got a couple cell phone pictures from the night. After those is a nice big AAR for the battle.
This was the Wizkids game. I lost both games but it was still very cool.

Ron and Darrell pitting their armies against one another. They elected to play on an open field, which was a horrible mistake for Ron. Darrell had A LOT of guns.

The AAR between me and Darrell...

The Dwarfs: Darrell fielded a classic gun line dwarf army with a block of thunderers, a block of quarrelers, and 3 cannons. Accompanying them was a thane and a block of 25 warriors with great weapons.

The Vampire Counts: I fielded only my painted units and this made it pretty normal for me with one exception. There was a vampire lord as a level 3 wizard on nightmare, a vampire, a block of skeletons and ghouls, a block of dire wolves, my 3 spirit hosts and 2 varghulfs instead of only one.

The scenario we rolled was meeting engagement which was great for me as it drastically shortened the distance between us. When he chose his deployment side there was plenty of terrain to crouch behind but when we rolled for reserves I lost my ghouls, my wolves and one of my varghulfs to the reserves. I crouched all of the other units behind a ‘building’ on my left flank and completely denied him my right flank. As he had deployed first he was spread over his entire deployment zone. When rolling for first turn I fortunately rolled a 6 and got the firs turn as well.

The opening of the game I immediately called in my reserves and placed them on my far right. They were to be a sacrificial force and I hoped they would draw sufficient fire to allow my greater force to roll up his flank. I marched everything around the corner towards a cannon on a hill. A successful casting of VDM allowed my spirit hosts to base the cannon before close combat but the battle resulted in only 2 of the cannon crew being slain. He swung around a unit of thunderers to have line of site to my skeletons, vampire and varghulf coming up his flank and threw crossbow bolts and cannon balls at the right flank army which was a great distraction. The close combat saw me do away with his last cannon crew in his close combat phase.

The second turn I used more VDM to move my skeleton block with the vampire into close combat with his thunderers. The spirit hosts and varghulf began to make their way towards the next cannon and the thane. My magic so far had done little, and continued to do little either because I used up my dice with VDM or because my vampire lord was out of range. I was keeping him behind my line and the line was moving so quickly between march and VDM from the vampire on foot that he couldn’t keep up if I wanted spell casting even though it was only the second turn.  In close combat the thunderers took heavy casualties as did my skeletons and they fled from the undead which ran them down. In his second turn he did even more grievous casualties to my direwolves and varghulf but both were still in the game. He also blasted the ghouls with a cannon again but they were so far back and out of vampire range they could only slog forward. So long as he kept firing into them I was fine with that. He did blast both the varghulfs with cannon but they survived.

The third turn my skeleton block engaged his thane and my spirit hosts continued around his rear along with the varghulf. A successful casting of summon undead horde replenished the skeleton unit to its starting number. I also threw a magic missile spell at the warriors but they were not affected any. On the right my varghulf and a single wolf charged the quarrelers while the ghouls shambled forward stoically. Close combat saw the thane take a single wound and kill my vampire on foot in return though he fled and when I pursued it put the skeletons into close combat with another cannon crew but the thane ran far enough he didn’t get caught. The quarrelers killed the wolf but took enough damage from the varghulf which they failed to wound that they fled and the varghulf followed them off the table. Darrell decided to pass on his turn and call the game. It was late but he was also demoralized a bit.

Darrell is a good player but he is new to the game and I played the VC because they would be punished by the dwarfs if I messed up my tactics or took them on toe to toe. The game really wasn’t over. There was still a huge block of warriors with great weapons and the thane as well as another cannon. Both my varghulfs were badly wounded and the ghouls were very far away without a vampire to support them so I’m in no way confident I had him. Those warriors would have taken a lot to crack and a good cannon shot would have smashed either varghulf or my vampire lord, which when dead would cause my army to crumble.

It was over all a good match and it was an honor to fight Darrell and I look forward to bringing it on to him again soon!

Also, there should be anew page added to this blog as soon as I can figure it out. I'm going to try to collate the data from Martin Hackett's book into a more usable army book like format. Wish me luck!

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  1. I love strategy games! We just started doing a monthly Couples Game Night where we get together the first week of each month (we rotate houses to mix it up a bit, and the host house provides dinner, so we always get interesting cuisine), we have game wheels for small prizes like wine, we set a movie up on the projector, play team games and hang out...it's so much fun, and inexpensive! :)