Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Can you imagine stuffing your face with chocolate cake and sitting down in front of your partner's PC only to find his blog completely open and waiting for a new post? Well, neither could I until this moment . . . chocolate cake has never been sweeter!

So he's behind our house coaching 10-12 year olds (soccer) in the wet grass and I am snatching a few lines here on his blog. Tomorrow I head for Chicago for an educational conference I am not quite prepared for--with that in mind, it's not like I should be doing anything else at the moment. Did I mention the chocolate cake?

You are really lucky to be acquainted with such a great guy. Someday, you will tell others that you knew him when. Until then, be good to the big guy. Marvel at his work. 


  1. Well....

    How's that for a lesson in logging out?

    LOL! She's a sneaky one let me tell you.