Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm not dead but wow has my life been craaaaazy!

I had a dental surgery and now have a hole running from where a molar was into one of my sinus cavities. I can blow air through it! I shouldn't says the doctor so I do not do such and in time it will heal I am told. But, until then, IT IS FREAKING ME OUT!

I have been finishing up my friends WoC stuff for him and haven't done much painting myself. I am working on a batch of 20 peasant bowmen, the old plastic one pieces, and when they are done I am going to steal two of the four defensive stakes stands from my new peasant bowmen. I realized that missile troops now fire into two ranks (and long bows have volley even) so I only need 8 models wide in a sixteen model unit. This means my two units of peasant bowmen will be more compact and more effective at the same time. I might ditch 4 of the old bowmen unit (a mere 24 points) to enable another magic item in the army. It is pretty character heavy with two lords and three heroes and they don't have a lot of magic items and virtues between them. I got a box of grail knights in trade so this brings the army to a juicy 23 cavalry, 68 infantry and a guy on a flying horse.

I will get some pictures up of my warmachine soon, I'm touching up the bases and mean to photograph them by unit and put them up. So, hopefully before this day is out even!


  1. GAH!! Just READING about that freaks me out!? Hope it heals up quick!!

  2. Ah... just put a wad of gum in'll be fine, honest.
    (Haven't got a clue if you'll be fine, but it sounds good.)

  3. Thanks for the concern. It is doing much better and I know longer whistle when I sneeze ;)