Monday, April 25, 2011

Magnus is a traitor, goblins ride spiders and Death Angel is a challenge indeed!

Well, lots to share today. I had a wonderful easter and broke half my temporary crown. At this point I'm ready to be fed chicken soup for the rest of my life.

Magnus and his battle group.

A more "atmospheric" photo with the tower.
Magnus and his battle group is part of what made Warmachine for me. I started the game WHEN IT LAUNCHED and was the first person to have it in my town. I ordered a Cryx box and a Menoth box and wanted to play Menoth. My friend immediately wanted Menoth and wouldn't play unless he had them (the bastard) and so I went with Cryx. I kicked a lot of @$$ with Cryx, and probably still would but financial pressures caused me to part with them. Later I obtained Magnus and fell in love with him because, really, he's Bruce Campbell from Army of Darkness. He is a hard warcaster to play though as he has trouble closing the deal when I'm playing him. In the original rules I did mucho mui grande pain to my foes with him and his war jacks but he just couldn't bring down the finishing blow.

Also we have...
What sound do these guys make?
...some Forest Goblin Spider Riders. These are from the BFSP box set and originally I was going to paint up all the box but parted with many of them. I saved these guys and the miners I had painted up. Technically I could field them as an allied unit with my Vampire Counts and I might as I have no cavalry for them yet. But I am also thinking about selling them. The picture isn't so good (the best its going to get though) but I feel they are a solid high quality battle field paint work. It is a solid unit for any army though, poison attacks and spears and all that jazz.

And finally me and my son Matthew played Death Angel by FFG yesterday. WOW that is a hard game to play. We made it to the last room but it destroyed us, which wasn't a surprise since we lost four of eight marines getting there. Great game though, easy to learn and nice flow to it. We played through the entire game in about 45 mins including time for him to learn the rules.

Well, hopefully I will finish the 20 skeletons, 20 saurus warriors, 5 cairn wraiths and 1 tomb banshee on my table tonight so I can show you all. Wish me luck!

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