Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"We shall fight in the shade!"

Then let me help you with that.

I've been away for a bit, according to my last real post (not the I'll be back post) it's been about 25 days. Between soccer (a 4 - 5 record) and home renovation/spring cleaning I've not really even had time to paint. Today's post is th promised picture of my finished Bretonnian Peasant Bowmen.
This is my first Warhammer regiment that is multi-based. It is (obviously) 20 strong and I need to do the defensive stakes. With the 8th edition of the rules allowing for volley fire and shooting in two ranks peasant bowmen no longer have to spread wide to get a full unit to fire and leaves more room for deployment of knights and infantry... thank goodness. These guys will be 8 wide with four left over on the back rank. Not a terribly powerful unit, but, not a terribly costly one either. I imagine these guys with their brothers (a unit of 16 others) will be able to do some harm but I'm finding the bowmen are having difficulty killing my foes.

Anyway, I will be helping with Origin's security team again this year so if you're going to be there look me up. Also, there is a 750 point Warhammer warbands tournament which seems pretty exciting. This is my planned army list:

  • skink priest with hand weapon and dispel scroll; level 2 wizard
  • 15 suarus warriors with hand weapons and shields; includes full command
  • 16 skinks with hand weapons, javelins and shields; includes 2 kroxigor with great weapons
  • stegadon
This comes to 745 points and I think it will hold up solidly. The only weakness I see is that I lack a good general leadership but with only 187 points for heroes (or lords) I can't afford both a wizard and a scar veteran and I don't want to be at the mercy of all the chaos sorcerers that are sure to be out there. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Shall Return

Soccer is almost over...

Friend's Warriors of Chaos are almost done...





Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Argument About Skeletons and Ghouls

Immagonna post this over at the geek also, but, me and my friend are in an argument that can be summarized as follows:

He is of the opinion that crypt ghouls are of superior combat ability in all ways shapes and forms to that of skeletons, while I am unsure of such and see that the skeletons have equal potential to the crypt ghouls.

I'm basing my stance off from experience; namely neither seems to do crap on  my battlefield. He is basing his off the fact that Google provided him information that the ghoul's toughness of 4 is superior to an armor save of 5+ with parry save.

So I did some math and came out with this...

Scenario 1: both vs. 20 empire swordsmen.
>The swordsmen will do 7 hits on the skeletons, which becomes 4 wounds of which armor saves 1 and parry saves1 resulting in 2 lost skeletons.
>The same swordsmen will do 6 hits on the ghouls, which becomes 2 wounds which go unsaved and 2 ghouls are lost.

Scenario 2: both vs. 20 empire greatswords
>The greatswords will do 7 hits on the skeletons, which becomes 6 wounds of which no armor saves but parry save grants the skeletons 1 success resulting in 5 lost skeletons.
>The same greatswords will do 7 hits to the ghouls, of which 5 wound none of which will be saved resulting in 5 lost ghouls.

As far as I can tell these are identical, the toughness of 4 is pretty much a parry save when it comes down to it. Now obviously against missile fire or magic this might be different but I'm considering close combat. But I would wager with the others it will be the same if not exact than pretty damn close.

I would like feedback if any of you have an opinion or if you have a good example to throw out. I should say I made the assumptions that these blocks would be 20 vs. 20 in four ranks of five models. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hordes Are Coming!

Mmmmkay I've been busy for once. I've had a moment of hobby lucidity and completed a whole host of models.

Here we have my Tomb Banshee. A fairly recognizable figure, and one I like a lot. Typically I make any female in my army have red hair as a tribute to my wife, but, I didn't think she'd want to be tributed as the dead.
I got to use the tomb banshee in its first game but it didn't really do anything impressive. I was fighting dwarfs and needing to roll a 9 or better to squeeze off one wound proved difficult. But I am excited to use her again and see what she can do.

Saurus Warrior horde, a very expensive unit and hopefully brutal in battle.
 These are all from the 5th edition release of the game when I started and the front half of the regiment are the originals I began my war gaming career with! I've always fielded them and now I can throw a horde at my foe. I'm not sure if it will be worth the nearly 500 points but I guess if it bases another horde you're looking at 40 strength 4 attacks, not too shabby.

Ah yes, even more skeletons to fall to the unbalanced instability rule.
I have been trying to do something with skeletons, and I have been failing. So applying Murphy's Law of "Throw More S**t at it." I am doing just that. Mebbe a horde will bring on some pain, should be hard to beat down just by numbers and a good magic banner may help. You'll note the extras, well, I meant to paint 20 and seem to lack the ability to count to 20 as I did 24. Meh, good for Lord of the Dead.

Cairn Wraiths are fun!
These and the tomb banshee painted up pretty easily, and as her escorts to the battle field they did a good job. They did mop up a rune lord and a unit of hand gunners but were defeated by a block of warriors because of ranks... which annoys the buggers out of me.

I ALSO finished a body of 20 Bretonnian peasant bowmen and forgot to photograph them. I'll do that in the next couple of days and get them up for you. I'm hoping to paint up the men-at-arms next and finish my friend's chaos. So, see you in a couple days.