Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Argument About Skeletons and Ghouls

Immagonna post this over at the geek also, but, me and my friend are in an argument that can be summarized as follows:

He is of the opinion that crypt ghouls are of superior combat ability in all ways shapes and forms to that of skeletons, while I am unsure of such and see that the skeletons have equal potential to the crypt ghouls.

I'm basing my stance off from experience; namely neither seems to do crap on  my battlefield. He is basing his off the fact that Google provided him information that the ghoul's toughness of 4 is superior to an armor save of 5+ with parry save.

So I did some math and came out with this...

Scenario 1: both vs. 20 empire swordsmen.
>The swordsmen will do 7 hits on the skeletons, which becomes 4 wounds of which armor saves 1 and parry saves1 resulting in 2 lost skeletons.
>The same swordsmen will do 6 hits on the ghouls, which becomes 2 wounds which go unsaved and 2 ghouls are lost.

Scenario 2: both vs. 20 empire greatswords
>The greatswords will do 7 hits on the skeletons, which becomes 6 wounds of which no armor saves but parry save grants the skeletons 1 success resulting in 5 lost skeletons.
>The same greatswords will do 7 hits to the ghouls, of which 5 wound none of which will be saved resulting in 5 lost ghouls.

As far as I can tell these are identical, the toughness of 4 is pretty much a parry save when it comes down to it. Now obviously against missile fire or magic this might be different but I'm considering close combat. But I would wager with the others it will be the same if not exact than pretty damn close.

I would like feedback if any of you have an opinion or if you have a good example to throw out. I should say I made the assumptions that these blocks would be 20 vs. 20 in four ranks of five models. 

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