Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hordes Are Coming!

Mmmmkay I've been busy for once. I've had a moment of hobby lucidity and completed a whole host of models.

Here we have my Tomb Banshee. A fairly recognizable figure, and one I like a lot. Typically I make any female in my army have red hair as a tribute to my wife, but, I didn't think she'd want to be tributed as the dead.
I got to use the tomb banshee in its first game but it didn't really do anything impressive. I was fighting dwarfs and needing to roll a 9 or better to squeeze off one wound proved difficult. But I am excited to use her again and see what she can do.

Saurus Warrior horde, a very expensive unit and hopefully brutal in battle.
 These are all from the 5th edition release of the game when I started and the front half of the regiment are the originals I began my war gaming career with! I've always fielded them and now I can throw a horde at my foe. I'm not sure if it will be worth the nearly 500 points but I guess if it bases another horde you're looking at 40 strength 4 attacks, not too shabby.

Ah yes, even more skeletons to fall to the unbalanced instability rule.
I have been trying to do something with skeletons, and I have been failing. So applying Murphy's Law of "Throw More S**t at it." I am doing just that. Mebbe a horde will bring on some pain, should be hard to beat down just by numbers and a good magic banner may help. You'll note the extras, well, I meant to paint 20 and seem to lack the ability to count to 20 as I did 24. Meh, good for Lord of the Dead.

Cairn Wraiths are fun!
These and the tomb banshee painted up pretty easily, and as her escorts to the battle field they did a good job. They did mop up a rune lord and a unit of hand gunners but were defeated by a block of warriors because of ranks... which annoys the buggers out of me.

I ALSO finished a body of 20 Bretonnian peasant bowmen and forgot to photograph them. I'll do that in the next couple of days and get them up for you. I'm hoping to paint up the men-at-arms next and finish my friend's chaos. So, see you in a couple days.


  1. Great job on the skeletons...your Tomb Banshee pretty scary and well done.

  2. Thank you Captain!

    The photo doesn't really do her justice, or any of them. My camera appears to be dying. :(

    Maybe I can convert it into some undead camera...