Thursday, June 2, 2011

14 and 40K

I see a 14th follower has slipped into a seat at the round table, which pleases me greatly! My power grows daily MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, recently I obtained the most excellent Assault on Black Reach box set which is the introduction to Warhammer 40K.
Shameless Picture Theft HUZZAH!
Which is just packed full of good models, a nice rule book a great introductory book and everything yummy you need to play. The "task force" and "war band" are unbalanced to be sure but I'm just as interested in asymmetric battle as well as balance combats so it seems fine to me. There's been dozens of reviews on this product from others so I'm not going to drop one.

I have played 40K before, actually started playing it during 2nd edition (oh that was a hard edition) and really dug in during 3rd edition where I played Dark Eldar and really tore up the battle field. At one point I had an Ultramarines army that I STUPIDLY parted with and to this day regret. My group fell out of love with 40K because a lot was going on in their lives and I didn't have a 40K army. I'm back though and see the AOBR box as my official re-entry. We did not play 4th edition so there appears to me to be many changes from 3rd to 5th but others will probably see more of an evolution than I do. The 5th edition rules are nice, but I digress. the real reason for this post is to announce my plan for constructing a space marine army. I'd added a page to this blog and it should have the army list plan. I'll post pictures of each unit as it gets done and comments about how I painted it.

Also, I've not forgotten the Magic & Monsters list, I've just been to busy to finish compiling it.


  1. I don't play 40K but have to agree you get a shed load of kit in Black Reach!!

  2. I KNOW! It's crazy kinda. But it is a really nice starting spread for a player, and really good to split between two. Nice commander figures, nice variety of troops and solid special units in the dreadnought and deffkoptas even if they aren't "premium" so to speak.