Friday, July 1, 2011

Origins After Action Report

Okay so, I wanted to blog FROM the convention but I was bushed every night and didn't get to. Which is fine because I also forgot my camera. Now that its over a few days and my life is slowing down I can say I had a great time even though I only played two games from Tuesday night to Sunday night.

In general I felt the con was pretty decently stocked; the vendor room was sold out and there were scads of events. There were less LARP than before but I'm not a LARPer so it didn't bother me. One game I got to dig into was the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Mash by Red Shirt Games which was pretty good. I got Drizz't and his panther as one 'monster' and a mounted paladin as the other. I died but my daughter played (centaur and beholder) and she won with the centaur.

I came home with scads of loot of course but some of it stands out more than others. First of all I want to give a special blog thank you to man named William. He gifted me a wood dice tower that is awesome and I cannot wait to use it. Next up is...
camera phone picture, sorry

again, more camera phone
...the new Conan movie is coming out in August and I am very excited. I am a Conan fan big time and it is good to see something come to a screen. I didn't like the TV series (oh it was so bad) but the xbox game kicked much ass. Michael Stackpole is connected to GAMA (I think he is a board member if I remember right) and he also wrote the novelization of the new Conan move AND AREA MANAGER VOLUNTEERS GOT A FREE COPY WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

On top of that awesomeness he autographed it, which made my day. I have spoken to him in passing a few times and he is a fantastic person so I feel very lucky to get to encounter him and to get his signature. I'm not an autograph hound but I have gotten a few (cough Stan Lee) and I value his words because he is a nice guy, not because he wrote the new Conan novel (that just makes him awesome).

dice yummmmmm
Also I was given a set of the collectors edition of Crystal Caste special edition dice. I have last years as well and I didn't like them as much (they are below) but this years gray with a hint of purple is very nice.
2010 dice
I also brought home a bunch of boxes...

  • Earth Reborn by Z-Man games. Something like a board based miniatures skirmish game in a sci-fi post apocalyptic world... well not something like it but just like it. This game has a TON of counters and a very neat multi-part board to build different environments. 
  • Gamma World by WotC. I've read a couple reviews and looked through it and really this is just a complex board game rather than an RPG but meh, it still looks cool.
  • Rush-N-Crush of AEG (formerly of Rackham) which looks to be an okay sci-fi racing game. 
  • Resident Evil Deck Building Game by Bandai. I know nothing about this and it was part of my reward swag which I was very pleased to get. I have heard it is a good game, we shall see!
  • Tannhauser well, not the game I have that, but several of the character packs thanks to Ravenstone Games in Columbus Ohio. I got: Hoss, Asteros, Hoax, Wolf and Oksana. This puts me shy of only the Daedalus map pack woo!
  • The MERCS rule book. This looks like a fun miniatures game but I'm not so sure I want to dump so much into figures right now. If there was a couple players in my group then maybe.
  • Naruto cards; bunches of these. Something like 52 boosters, a tin and a starter deck. I'm going to share them with my sons and we will see if its any good.
Well I think that was all the loot I scored. I spent around 110 dollars, which is really good for so much. Volunteers are given some good rewards but we work hard, hard hard. I am looking forward to playing these when I get around to it. The first I'll probably get to experiment with is Rush N Crush b/c my boys like racing games.

That's all for now. I did add another page to my blog, a short story I wrote so if you have time to read it please do.

Be back later, until then, may your dice always roll 20...

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  1. I'm glad you had a good time and got the Conan book!