Thursday, July 14, 2011

Temple of Chac

Is a remarkably dangerous place. Let me tell you. I got this in a trade through Bartertown (which appears to be down for about five days now) and I got it with a mind towards my family, especially my 12 year old sons. They are not the gamer their father is, which is fine, but I was really hoping to be raising a couple fellow war gamers so we could throw down some truly epic battles. We do get along with board games though and at the recent game fair they picked up Zombie Survival by Twilight Creations Inc. after playing a demo of it. Odd as it may be I found it very heartening to see them demo a game and purchase it based off its merits in the demo.

ANYWAY... I digress... The Adventurers: Temple of Chac is a very good game. We've played it twice and the first game only Matthew made it out of the temple, Chris and myself lost both of our adventurers to fire and water. The second game, last night, proved very lethal and no one made it out alive. I was closest, only two spaces from escape with 9 points of treasure when the boulder rolled over me with a five space dice casting. We have had quite a bit of fun with this game and I can see us playing it several more times before we'd be bored and I'm not sure even then. There is a lot of talk on forums that this game lacks re-play-ability and I just do not see it. I know it is the same series of encounters and how they play out but there is a definite fun in knowing how to get something done but having no guarantee of getting it done.

Also, the Zombie Survival is a solid game as well. Not the typical zombie game imho it is really a resource management game with a dexterity based combat system. You roll dice in the box lid that has a zombie pictured inside. you're trying to hit the body with a total of 6 pips or get any dice into the head shot zone. This is not as easy as it seems with even five dice. I own Zombies!!! but that needs some modification I think. We play it with rolling both the red and the blue dice; blue is number of zombies moving, red is the total spaces moved. So you can get a single really fast zombies or a bunch of slow ones, either way it is a little more pressure.

By way of a hobby update I've gotten nothing done for weeks now. I'm trying to finish up Darrell's chaos models (20 marauders and a sorcerer riding a dragon) and they are nearly done but work has been busy, life has been busy, and my wife started redoing the upstairs bathroom. So I've just not gotten to paint or model. I've got lined up some knights, some space marines and i'd like to get to both of those to keep my painted collection growing.

We shall see.

Also I've not really gotten to blog (obviously), photograph anything or write any more. But, I will, I've not given ground and I will continue the fight against real life to embrace my hobbies!

Wish me luck!

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