Sunday, August 28, 2011


I like historical war fare but my group will not get into it for the most part. I am slowly working on some ancients though and while I took the time to really study DBA I think instead I will use the HotT rules as they seem a little easier to build armies with. With that in minds I've finished some of my IV cen. Indians...

Using Coates & Shine models I built three stands of shooters, or long bow men. This is 6 AP of army and I have nothing for them to fight yet, LOL, as I have no other 25mm forces prepared so they are very much safe right now.

Not the best paint job, but, not the best mold job either!
 From the same box I built three war bands. I know they have spears but I just don't see them fighting in a formation that would be like spears, more likely it seems to me they would fight... well... like a war band lol.Another 6 AP, half way done.
I know, I got flock on that dude's shield. I did not see it until the preview of this post.

I have three Coastes & Shine elephants on my point board and when they are done that is another 12 AP and  a finished army. I will probably use one of the elephants as a general. This is a pretty basic army I know but I think it will be solid. Three behemoths to smash my enemy with support from flanking war bands a rains of missilery shouldn't be too hard to command effectively.

As for enemies I'm going to do up a Greek army...
I will enjoy adding some more to this force. can see the first stand of blades I have done. The cyclops are from Eagle Games Age of Mythology. I based them as behemoths, if you're astute you'll be saying "Hey Diceman one of those bases are WROOOONG!" and you'd be right. The cyclopes on the left is based for 15mm, the right for 25mm. If you'll recall I have a 15mm goblin army and 15mm elf army and though he would be good in either of those as an optional behemoth.

All of these models are based on peel and stick floor tile, which I have been warned will warp and twist and do all kinds of nasty nasty things. But, I based my Bretonnian bowmen on them months ago and nothing has changed with them. Maybe its the brand, maybe its the weather, maybe I'm in for a lot of sad disappointment.

I am hoping to have my Bretonnian battle standard bearer, general and prophetess on foot done soon. Also, I had club night last night and this week I'll be putting that up on the OTHER blog about them.

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