Saturday, August 20, 2011

Because I Could Not Stop for Death...

...he rode up in a black coach and threw my argumentative butt in the back all the while screaming like only a wight on an errand can do.

All due respect to Emily Dickinson and her fine poetry of course.

The carriage held but ourselves / And immortality
I received this fine WFB model from my friend Greg on my birthday last year. I have been slow to finish its assembly and get it painted but it easily fell under my 'get them done' parameters for the moment and thus it was got done.

We passed fields of gazing grain / We passed the setting sun
I had some trouble with the curtains. When I was finished the first time I was unhappy with it some how but wasn't sure how. So I asked my finest reviewer, my wife, and she easily said "Those curtains are wrong, you need to put a black wash on them. This is a funeral coach, not a happy coach." The black washed worked wonderfully.
We passed before a house that seemed / A swelling of the ground;
The roof was scarcely visible, The cornice but a mound
I also struggled with the vampire that lays in his coffin in the back... and by struggled I mean "didn't do the darn thing at all". When I primed up this puppy I completely forgot about the sleeping vampire and he is sitting in my big brown box. So, next time I do a round of priming I'll get him in.
Since then 'tis centuries, and yet / Feel shorter than a day
I don't know how it will perform on the table and frankly that is going to completely revolve around how many power dice I roll and how many of them I re-roll into a six. So, that's pressing some odds I think. I do promise you all though that the next time the Vampires take the field he will be in their muster.

As an aside, recently my sons made the middle-school soccer team as they go into 7th grade. I'm really excited, they've been playing in the youth soccer league for years and it's really cool to see them in a school jersey...
On the left is Christian (16) and on the right is Matthew (15)


  1. Thanks for the kind words Captain! You are a fantastic modeler so any praise from you is good praise :)