Friday, August 26, 2011

Kill Team: Game Review

I don't often review things, and I don't often review video games although I do play a lot of them... okay I play COD: Black Ops Zombies a lot.

Anyway, last week I downloaded the game Kill Team (officially Warhammer 40,0000: Kill Team ) on a whim as I've recently been exploring 40k again. I was really surprised by how solid a game it is. I played through the first mission twice in  a row with two different characters and didn't get bored. There are only 5 mission which is the big flaw in the game I think. I know it's only an Xbox arcade game but I really could have used another 5 or even 10 missions.
The premise is pretty familiar to anyone who plays/reads 40k and the selection of characters is solid (librarian, assault vanguard veteran, techmarine, devastator vanguard veteran) and they have a good blend of ranged combat / melee combat. The upgrades are unlocked pretty smoothly, although I will be honest and say I'm not sure how.
The controls play easy; left stick moves, right stick shoot and four more buttons to melee, throw grenades, use a special ability unique to each character and do some sprinting. The co-op was solid as well, a friend came over and he and I spent an evening blasting our way through the game and had a good time doing it.

The game tracks stats such as how many kills you had and how many times you die, common stuff, but it also tracks how many BULLETS YOU SHOT which just sells it as a solid game in my book. So I guess i'm saying if you like mindless shooters, lots of carnage, science fiction and/or solid graphics you should give this game a go.

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