Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PP: Ogrun Bokur

I have been steadily working to move models off my hobby table and either into my display case or into a storage box. I think I said before I started with large and the Bokur definitely classifies as large, larger than some light warjacks and almost as large as heavies. I've never used a Bokur and now that I have one I probably will just to see how it works. I'm not sold on his abilities but I'm shaky on Privateer Presses current incarnation of Warmachine.
Comin' at ya!
He was primed white when I got him in trade so I brush primed him in black, then decided on a red armor scheme. The PP version has a lot of green and iron but I decided to make mine look a little different and went with red armor (obviously) to make him stand out. It just seemed logical to me a mercenary who's entire job involves TANKING (i.e. redirecting aggression towards himself over his employer) he should probably stand out some. Plus red is a color of war, probably make him a little more threatening I think.
Is he compensating with that spear?
I tried to paint him as quickly as possible. I really have so much on my board right now I just need to move things off. If you look at my Ultra marines tactical squad you'll see i'm going towards battlefield paint jobs. A painted model, no matter how poorly, can still kill the enemy :)
There goes the Hulk...
Also I re-based my Gorman di Wulfe (Rogue Alchemist by trade) and clear coated him. He is about 3 years old, maybe a little older. I was trying to rip through some mercenaries and my paint work was focused on one color with some details then dipping. I think he is more than serviceable in his role as mercenary solo annoyance. He typically dies very quickly as my opponents are threatened by him greatly, probably a lot more so than they should be. In a single game he successfully assisted in the destruction of a Khador heavy and since then he's had a great big target painted on his shirt. /shrug.
Look what I have in my pocket...
Soon I'll put up pictures of my Sam MacHorn crew, till then may your charges always roll box cars.

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