Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PP: Sam MacHorn

Painted a few years ago Sam MacHorn and her crew have been fielded pretty regularly. I am woefully short on warjacks for mercenaries even though I have two heavies and five lights, the dwarf/human dichotomy prevents mutual use. Which is dumb I think, but what ever. Sam is nice because she is a jack marshal and I can field Gorton, take the Devil Dogs and attach my Talon to her and that is a little more warjack presence for my points. Plus they are just a solid unit really capable of tearing an enemy warjack to pieces if they let you get there.
Front on view
Griffon rider's view.
I think they are a nice set of models, especially the guy flinging the GIGANTIC steel chain net! That guy is screaming for a gladiator conversion. I will say I think I got a few to many of the dorky looking gunners, but there is only one variant and he is just wearing a night cap. The pick-axe looking thing horrifying though, I can't imagine what kind of wound it would do to a person.

I do have one gripe, Sam herself. Seriously, do Privateer Presses modelers only look at Playboy to design their ladies? No woman on the battlefield, for any reason at all, is going to strike a "come hither" pose like that. What, is she shooting a trick shot over her shoulder off a bird into the warjack's eye? Seriously, if you Google "come hither" you get Sam MacHorn's pose on a dozen models dating back to the 1950's... by this point modelers should really be trying to move beyond that.

Well, I guess I shouldn't gripe, at least she isnt' in a chain mail bikini eh?

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