Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trollbloods and RAFM

I'm trying to plough through some models on my paint board. It's crazy how messy my area is and I need to get it taken care of. I'm going to box some stuff up and I'm going to get stuff painted and off the table into the case. When I looked around on what to dig into I decided it was logical to start with things already primed or large that wouldn't go into a box easy, which is why the Dreadnought got done. I'm almost finished with the tactical squad (coming soon) but I DID get finished with these guys...
Not Smurfs, much tougher than they!
...a full unit of Kriel Stone Bearer and Stone Scribes for my slowly growing Trollbloods. This unit came in with a packaged trade and they were already assembled, and they are larger models, so I primed and and slopped them up! I'm honestly not sure how good they will be in combat. The stone can be charged with fury just like a battery, but limited to the number of figures in the unit. That fury can be pulled back out to be used by the warlock... soooo.... I guess that will come in handy. I do think it is possible that it will let my warlock leech off more fury from the warbeasts and let me be more aggressive with them. We shall see.

Here are some other pictures...
Front view of the stone bearer.

Helicopter view...wuppawuppawuppa...

Head on view of the unit.
I will say that a unit of six models maximum it wouldn't have hurt to add at least one more pose. These will be accompanied by the Trollbloods box, which I did not paint, but is still painted quite nicely.
Not my paint work.
I got them in a trade as well and they came painted. I did paint brown on the bases and I need to add something to the basing to make it closer to what I have. I think they are quite nice and I really like how the two Trollblood Impalers are painted two shades of blue. 

Finally, I was down in Portsmouth, Ohio some weeks ago and I stopped by an old gaming store haunt; Castle Comics. I have been there in years but when I was a teenager it was my go-to place for game materials. Which actually had some pretty thin pickings looking back, to me then though it was a veritable cornucopia of possibilities. ANYWAY, when I was back by I was surprised to see it had not changed much except to degrade, which was sad. Much of the game material were the exact some ones, with very little new. I was looking through several blisters of miniatures when I came by this...
Old School at its finest.
Specters of Darkness by RAFM Fantasy, so old that he plastic blister is yellowing and cracking. I love finding old miniatures like this and these are just wonderful. I don't know if i'll ever open the blister or paint them. I like having things in the package for some reason. I got them for the price listed, five bucks was a great deal and I'd bet that is the same picture from oooooo 1989.

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