Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ultramarines vs. Orks (bat rep)

I have not played Warhammer 40,000 for years! I did miss it but my group fell out of it and my financial needs resulted in me selling my two armies. Well, as my posts have shown I've returned to the game and this weekend I got to play my first game in years, with my son Matthew no less! We player with the contents of the AOBR box only and I set up the table and he won the deployment rule then  had be deploy first. As you can see below I did a pretty standard spread expecting him to deploy opposite but instead he deployed entirely on the far side of the toxic river! The little bugger was going to force me to slog it across the table to him.
Deployment... sneaky bugger across the bridge
Turn 1: He won the roll for first turn and had me go first, I slogged my way across the battle field and rolled terrible for my Run run roll, nothing better than a 3.  I did not turbo my deff koptas as I didn't want to rush in on Matt, he had never played before so it seemed a good idea to give him some space to plan. I did not expect him to camp on his turn though, LOL, he pitched a tent and didn't move a single model. His fire was able to kill a handful of boyz, not something I needed with two or three more turns of movement in my future.
Turn 1... Orks are hoofing it as hard as they can
Turn 2: Again I ran and ran poorly, my boyz actually rolled a 1, sigh. My deff koptas did turbo this time placing them around his back and I planned to roll them in for some rokkit shooty fun next turn. He fired some more and did a wound to the koptas and killed some more boyz.
Turn 2... still hoofing it, getting tired
Turn 3: more running on the part of my boyz and nobz mobs. The warboss needed to get into close combat and I was going to run them right across the toxic river to accomplish this. My deff koptas wounded two terminators, which is pretty good since i'm only rolling three attacks but they made their saves so nothing came of that. In Matt's turn he blasted more boyz and shot two of three koptas out of the sky, they then promptly fled nine inches away from the scary terminators. So by the end of turn three I had lost 2 koptas and 16 boyz and he had taken not a single loss.
Turn 3... almost there!
Turns 4, 5 and 6: well, things change when the orks get into assault range. I had rolled terrible run dice and it took me forever to get to the space marine line but I did, and when I did the nobz with warboss successfully defeated and ran down the terminators. The boyz engaged the tactical squad and killed two to their lost one but the marines held their ground (go figure). One of the highlights occurred in turn 5 when my warboss assaulted the dreadnought, I had nothing else with a chance to hurt it. The combat went in his favor since Matt missed with his attacks and the warboss hit twice, then rolled a 6 on a penetrating hit and blew it up taking a wound in the process.
Last assault of turn 6
The finale came down to my warboss charging the remaining space marines and captain. I figured he would be dead but poor Matt rolled all misses, 11 dice and he missed with them all (3 for the captain, 8 for the tactical squad) and I couldn't believe it. My warboss directed all his attacks at the captain and hit with two of three, wounded with both and killed the captain. The game was over and I had won 3kp to 2kp.

It was a very enjoyable game and I forgot how solid 40k is as a war game. Since we played with only the AOBR box stuff and the reference sheet provided there were some things that didn't get included. Like Waaagh! and the Iron Halo for the captain, so on and so forth. I'm going to type up a more detailed reference sheet so that we can play with more rules next time.

The best part was getting to play a war game with my son though. They don't seem sold on the idea of war gaming and it would be nice to have that connection with them.