Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Can't I Use a Short Bow?

So I started warhammer with the wonderful 5th edition box set (feel free to skip to the "I WANT TO KNOW WHY?") with it's wonderful packaging of scads of plastic saurus, skinks, archers, and knights... just such a good box. Since then they have only gotten better imho. Those skinks were all armed with short bows, a wonderful little 16" ranged weapon of death. In the hands of the capable skirmishing skinks who dipped the stone arrow heads (or maybe tooth arrow heads) in poison these were great troops. Low on toughness sure, and no armor to speak of (although then I think they had 6+ scaly skin) they were still a solid missilery support unit. Then 6th edition came out and we lost our short bows.


Short bows are not so over powered that they need to be removed, in fact they are not over powered at all. I'm not saying that GW should undo the addition of blowpipes, I think this is a great addition but it seems completely illogical to have produced so many models with short bows and not at least write it as a single line option in the skink skirmisher entry for the 7th edition book. I'm hoping they fix this with the 8th edition army book, just a single line is all it takes, watch:

  • Exchange blowpipe for short bows.......... 1 pt per model.
Easy enough. As you can imagine I've done this as a house rule. To me, 1 point is sufficient as the blowpipe/short bow dichotomy is pretty level. One may have a longer range but the other gets more shots and doesn't suffer from range modifiers. I do like the short bow better because a 16 inches of range can really make a difference over 12 inches. Plus, my skinks HAVE SHORT BOWS! I remember the 6th edition book did have a list int he back for Southlands army lists that allowed skinks with short bows and skinks on cold ones. 

Well, rant over, I just was compiling an army list and become characteristically irritated by the lack of this unit option, thought I'd share ;)

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  1. I also started warhammer during the 5th edition, had a hiatus for over ten years and came back a few months ago. Bought skinks with short bows and command on ebay only to find out games workshop removed them from the game. That makes fuckall sense, so you mean the models I spend hundreds of dollars/pounds for can become obsolete that easy?

    It's really a shameful display, this is not how you run a company unless their goal was to fuck over the people who bought tons of skinks back then.

    Some people say "you can convert them pretty easily to look like blowpipes" but the models look lame with half a bow on them.

    I know your post is 4 years old now but fuck it, I'm still mad. :D