Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, looking at what I needed to update on my blog I see it's gotten more than 12,000 views :) I feel very lucky there. I do my best to keep it interesting and put up honest work of my own and I think I do that well. I have 15 followers and I'm very proud of that, I think they are the best viewers in the UNIVERSE!

To celebrate so many views and such fantastic Knights I've decided to throw up a little contest. This is how it works; you send me an email at and tell me three things about yourself:

1. your name, obviously

2. your favorite miniatures; either that you own or that you would like to own

3. your greatest triumph on the table top

I will pick one of these at random and send them back an email letting them know they won. The winner gets a painted miniature from me :) Either I can send you one of my choice, or if you want, you can send me one and I'll paint it and send it back.

Also, the Ultramarine's page is updated; the Captain is finally ready. That completes the AOBR box set of marines and I am working on some to finish up 1,000 points: 5 scout bikers and 5 scouts with sniper rifles.

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