Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Necrons have Invaded

Last month I obtained a Necron battalion box and Necron Lord with Destroyer body. Last week, I put them together, primed them and painted them in the passage of two nights... well the assembly took three or four but only because I've been distracted by Space Marine for the Xbox.
Necron Lord with Destroyer body, Resurrection orb, staff of light and phase shifter. This is a 200 point lord but with a toughness of 6 he can't be insta killed, with the orb he will get up from damn near anything (as will the guys around him) and the staff of light is a great assault 3/power weapon combo. Plus, he looks cool flying :)

Back view to show off his green shoulders and properly assembled staff of light. I was very happy to successfully assemble that puppy with its fiddly end.

Destroyers with the standard gauss cannon. I built one looking forward, one left and one right.

Scarab Swarms. 7 bases is only 84 points. Not particularly deadly but their loss doesn't contribute to the phase out rule.

Warriors, one of the units of 14. 

Back view for some detail of the skeletal look.

All 28 ready to fight, this is obviously two units worth.
I went with a basic color scheme because I really didn't want to over do it. Necrons are basically terminators with an inferiority complex so a solid gun metal dry brushing with some green highlights to compliment the green plastic rods. I was careful in assembling them so that I wouldn't break any of the rods or the parts that hold the rods in. They are all 'clicked' in with no glue but very secure, except the lord who's staff has to be glued.

I haven't played them yet but it comes to just shy of 1,000 points, consists of 39 models of which 32 count towards the phase out. Which means if my opponent can reduce me to 8 models (after a "we'll be back" roll) then I just disappear. I hear tell they are going to do away with the phase out rule when they release a new army book, which is a good idea I think since my last game of 40K I got a tactical draw with 2 models.

Also forgot to mention that I updated the Ultramarines page.

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