Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nyss and Boomhowler

If you've read this blog at all you know I play Mercenaries in Warmachine... the single least supported faction. The faction THAT ISN'T a faction.


A while ago I painted both the Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters unit AND the Boomhowler and Company unit. No wait, scratch that, I did not paint Boomhowler. I got him in a trade already painted (quite nicely) but not based. I based him and his nine buddies and they went to a friend in a trade. Which I regretted because I like everything about Boomhowler, his look, his attitude... his... proliferation of the trollkin race. He dipped them, then traded them back. The dip was okay (Minwax) but they kinda got set aside for a while. The basing was really only half done.

Anyway (number two)...

I finished the basing, cleaned up the basing on Cylena's crew and clear coated them. Then I took several pictures of them as seen below.

Boomhowler is a solid unit in my opinion. Kinda costly (9 points for a full team in Mk.II) but a lot of both screening material and serious combat ability combined with tough making them a real difficult unit to dispatch. Your opponent will have to commit some force to stop them, or be on the unhappy end of Boomhowler's bellow and some brutal CMAs.

The Nyss Hunters...well...let me say something there....

...as far as a combat unit they are nice. Good special abilities to keep them moving through difficult terrain. Weapon master, combined range attack... solid. Not as solid as in Mk.I though; they had a nice AOE range attack if they fired together giving you a nice splash down. The CMA is good and all, but almost necessary considering how weak they are individually.


Rules aside though, I want to know what drugs the modeler was on when he developed this kit. Damn it is a terrible kit. Each model is seven pieces, that means six models are 42 and that is absurd. The models consist of a body (legs/torso), two arms (with weapon connections), head, quiver, scabbard AND THE HANDLE OF THE SWORD STICKING OUT OF THE SCABBARD...seriously? Why not just model the sword in the scabbard and if people want to cut it off let them. Much of each of these models could have easily been one piece, the head could have been molded on and one of the arms for most, if not both for the archers (it's a flat model ANYWAY after the assembly!). I hated putting them together, and they are not together very well. I make no excuses, I struggled with them.

The real sucky part? I have 8 (only 6 are pictured obviously) and need two more. In Mk.I you could field 6 to 10, not with Mk.II its EITHER 6 OR 10... so my two extra guys need to take a break till I find a couple in trade.

Also keep in mind the contest is still going on, till the voting on the company is done.

Thanks for reading and my YOUR run rolls always be sixes.


  1. I think the dip looks a little better than "okay". It really finishes the models off, gives them depth, and lends character.

  2. @ Captain: thanks! You're bases are amazing, you're just being nice lol!

    @ Lizardking: really? Funny you should say that ;)