Saturday, September 3, 2011

PP: Alexia Ciannor

Continuing with the posting of my various Privateer Press Warmachine units today we have Alexia Ciannor & the Risen. This is an important figure for Privateer Press as their first product was an adventure module for 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons was The Witchfire Trilogy staring none other than Alexia.
I have not played it but apparently it is something of note when it comes to adventure modules. I'm more old school myself; the Keep on the Borderlands being my favorite, and not much into steam punk (sans Warmachine obviously) so I probably never will. But I digress...

A couple different photos of the same unit. I have had Alexia for quite a while and have played her only a handful of times. In the original edition of the rules she was a solo who began with a group of risen (I believe only six) that could go off on their own. She's something kind of like an anti-magic necromancer with some solid fighting ability. The thrall is a fabulous combatant and she makes them, but, the set only comes with one model and I've not gotten around to getting another or other similar models. My Alexia is not much like THE  Alexia, she is very tan and to my eyes look almost Native American which I think looks cool. The Risen were fun to paint and now that she starts with ten instead of six I need to get more of them to raise as well.

Funny story, went to take this unit to game night last month and DROPPED THEM OUT OF THEIR CASE... I stood still for something like two full minutes resisting the urge not to flip my modeling table... sigh... this is reconstructed bases and all you're looking at. I am happy to have them polished up though!

Do me a favor though and tell me which picture has better lighting and color in your humble opinion, which I would value greatly. Also, the terminators are now on the Ultramarines page!

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