Friday, September 9, 2011

What Color?

Okay, so, according to the Space Marines codex each company of the Ultramarines ten different companies has their own heraldry color. The yellow/gold that is most commonly seen is the 2nd compnay. I have, so far, painted my guys as 2nd company guys. I did this because to me yellow and blue = Ultramarines... but this isn't so is it? No.

I am thinking I might go 3rd company which is red. I've painted my boltgun plates red, and my captain (coming soon) has a nice red cape. So, would be repainted the tactical marines to red look nice? I dunno, maybe I should go 4th company and go with green. But green and red and blue might look dumb. I can always leave them like they are too. My 1,000 point goal has a lot of scouts in it and they don't get a heraldry color.

Well, you fifteen awesome nights of the round table plus anyone else who looks gets to vote for me. I'm going to put one of those widget poll thingy's up and if you would please, vote on the color you think is best. 

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