Monday, October 17, 2011

Lords and Ladys... and some "others"

Finally got around to finishing some models and getting them up on this blog. I'd like to say a thing about the quality of the photos, my camera seems to be dying, so try squinting a bit would ya? I'd really appreciate it!
Sir Matthias 
 First up is my Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer who represents my son Matthew on the table. This is probably the best picture out of what you will see here this post. He'll usually be fielded with the Virtue of Duty and a magic standard meaning he will have no other magic items per the rules for a Bretonnian battle standard bearer. Only having a 3 save seems a little soft, but he is a Grail Knight (he'll have the Grail Vow) and he'll be packed into a unit of 5 other Grail Knights so he might come through okay. So far he's been pretty much a bad ass in ever fight he gets stuck into. You wouldn't think so since he has only a sword and no magic but he is not a knight to be trifled with.
Sir Uther
 This is my General and he represents me. He has the Questing Vow, the Virtue of Knightly Temper and Sierenne's Locket (I think I spelled that right). Since he has the Questing Vow he can't use a lance so instead he hacks his enemies into pieces with a great axe. He has done quite well as the virtue lets him get extra attacks on the charge (one extra for every wound) and since he is hitting at strength 5 all the time he hits pretty hard. The locket is the best magic item in the Bretonnia book imho, it prevents him taking more than 1 wound in any phase. So it takes some real work to finish him off. In close combat you can't do more than one a turn no matter how hoss you are. This makes him perfect for tying up the biggest bad guy on the table that he can chop chop on with that axe.
Lady Debrana
 Representative of my wife is the Prophetess of the Lady. My lord points are tied to two lord choices and they neatly fit in 500 points. She is basically without any magic in a 2,000 point game but if I play larger she gains levels and magic items. A level 3 wizard is no slouch and she has caused her fair share of destruction with the lore of heavens. Lighting bolts are never fun.
 To fatten my Lizardmen some more I finished two more Kroxigor. That will make a unit of six and I cannot tell you how bad six Kroxigor hurt when they hit someone. I have one more to do and that I think I'll do in orange to fit into some skinks.
Ummm... out of witty comments.
And finally another 16 red skinks to buddy up with the 20 or so others. This will actually add a musician to the unit too! So there is now a standard and a musician and I can throw in a skink chieftain with a bow for a champion if I need to. Although I rarely feel the need to add a champion to any skink unit. They just don't seem to make that much of a difference. Sometimes I'll add the Kroxigors though, they can really tear up an enemy and with a nice bank of skinks to soak hits for them they are even nastier.

Next up I am working on finishing some more ghouls... and a corpse cart... and I have a whole bunch of Orks... so I don't know what will make it on next. Guess it will be a surprise!

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