Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, Well, Vikings I Guess

Well, it's been a couple weeks. I've been very caught up in my sons' middle school soccer team so I've not had the chance to get a blog entry up. Well, i'm still not in the place where I've got something of quality to put up but dead space is bad space so I've decided to put up an update kind of entry.

I've been modeling pretty steadily really. I finished 1,000 points of my Ultramarines and as my last pose showed a 1,000 points of Necrons as well. I've got all the Orks I own primed and ready to go, but they only come to 900 points... and 60+ models. That has always been what put me off building an Ork army, so many models for so few points. Greater financial investment, greater time investment, etc. But the AOBR box was so sweet and the Warboss so hoss looking I was able to push through. I'm confident the paint work will be nothing stellar, they are going to be Goffs and they are going to be green, black, metal and white checkers... don't expect too much :)

On my board right now besides the 60+ Orks is 22 skinks with javelins and shields to flesh out my skink javelin  unit more, 2 kroxogor to bring my unit to six, 15 mantic ghouls just to, a corpse cart, and three Bretonnian character's I'm finishing up. I'm really struggling with the Bretonnians. Anyone know how to paint some grails free hand?

THE VIKINGS! I published this post and didn't even explain the title. I just finished assembling 20 viking huscarls from wargames factory excellent line. I'm going to paint them, of course, but I don't know what game to use them in. I'm basing them individually on 1" round bases and they would be great for skirmishes but I'd like to get more, and some Saxons, and throw them against one another!

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