Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Chaplain, a Cleric and an Attack Bike Walk Into a Tavern

I'm sure there's a joke there somewhere but i'll be darned if I know where. It does, however, effectively sum up what I've finished lately. Let us begin...
First up, Tim from Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog mailed this beauty to me for my birthday. I can't thank him enough, it's a gorgeous figure, I love his work. I have begun to study and will incoporate what I can glean into my own work... just like the Borg... except no cube.
Tim's a great guy, I really appreciate him doing this. I know every figure I paint is part of my time and I can't thank him enough. It is a honor to have her standing proudly in my display case.

Next up is the attack bike...
Look at those crisp Ultra symbols!

Oh my, what a fine hand painted Fast Attack icon!

Well... at least I was consistent.
I am not a particularly good free hand painter... I am a particularly bad free hand painter. I had put decals on their shoulders but they didn't hold right, they looked like poorly made decals instead of crisp paint. So I scratched them off and hand painted my own. Which is what you see here. I will get better over time, I hope, as the Ultra symbol isn't that hard.

As far as battle value as single attack bike with a heavy bolter only comes to 40 points. That isn't going to crimp me anywhere in my army lists and until I can get some regular bikes or other attack bikes to support him he's flying solo. This is fine in something like seize ground, but horrible in annihilation as he counts as a kill point.

Next we have my big happy...
I absolutely love this model!
Finally got a Crux Terminus right :)

Nothing like a blue shoulder pad to show your allegiance eh?
Bringing death to the enemies of the Emperor!
I love this model. When I saw it in the space marine army book I knew I had to have it. I got it in trade from someone on Bartertown and it came already pre-based, which wasn't so great and pre-primed black which I had to touch up. Well I tried to put some of what I gleaned from the cleric above and make careful use of my whites and I think he turned out pretty good. He'll come to a hefty 130 points, hefty since my captain in all his glory is only 155. He will be in a lot of armies though, probably supporting the terminators I have, but he can join any unit if I remember right. I love clerics (as you should know by now) and this guy is one kick ass cleric! I know some would say the Apothecary is, but really he's a medic because he has not religious back ground. The chaplains, though not healers, are the 'spiritual' leaders of their chapter and any leader with a skull for a helmet is something you should consider carefully before screwing with them.

On a related note this guy here...
Guess what I do with these!!!!
...will be giving a critique of my work. He's a friend and club member who is helping me get back into 40K. We've only had one match and while it was a tactical draw he truly beat me senseless. I plan to pay him back four fold. That aside I asked him to give me an honest opinion of the work on this model. He may do it here, I don't know, but anyone is welcome to provide critical feedback.

One final thing before you go...
...I am looking to start a historical project, specifically two armies using Neil Thomas Ancient and Medieval Wargames rules to replay battles between Queen Boudica's rebels and the Romans she was rebelling against. I have about half of what I need, pictured here, and need about this much again. Thomas' war game armies always consist of 8 units on each side, and each unit (usually) is four bases fielded together. There will be lots of legionaries and British war bands, but the real stickler is chariots. Thomas' list calls for at least 2 units of nobles, which are light chariots. If i'm reading the rules right that is four chariots per unit as only the scythed chariot is fielded as a single model. This may get messy, as that means 8 chariots minimum...and I'm thinking if i'm going to wind up with 9 of them from Wargames Factory... .why not buy one more box and have 12 fielding three units of nobles... I can field up to four after all.

I'll let you know how that turns out. :)

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  1. Okay, so first I have to say that my pose in that picture seemed a lot more heterosexual in my head. In retrospect, I'm not sure what made me think that.

    But anyway, the chaplain looks pretty awesome. I think it should be stated though that you're asking a Chaos player if he likes a terminator model with a skull for a head. Just add some spiky bits and welcome to the winning team, my friend!

    As for the paint job, I like. I can see the highlights without having to get super-mega-close, and the white coat (drybrush?) really makes the details pop. The scripted scrolls and ribbons are one of the things I kinda regret not having in Chaos, because they do look cool when you do them you did.

    As for any suggestions, I would just say that some of the black areas (particularly on the back) could have done with a bit more highlighting. Just a thin line of grey or white would make the details stand out more. I don't mean drybrush, just a solid but very thin line along the edges.

    Also, for some reason I feel like this guy should be shinier. It could just be the lighting. Regardless, maybe a medium to high gloss varnish on the armor would do the trick. The Army Painter makes something they call Quickshade which both shades and varnishes. It might not have as much oomph with a model this dark, but it's something to consider. I will say though that Quickshade is expensive...but then what isn't expensive in this hobby?