Friday, December 28, 2012

Ghost Ark

I've taken pictures of the Grey Knights but they didn't turn out quite right so I'm going to do them again since it is going to be a page on the blog just like the Ultramarines. I want to get to those this weekend, but we will see.

I did snap a couple quick pictures of my completed Ghost Ark for my Necrons though!
Row, row, row, row!
 The Ghost Ark was one freaking hard model to do. I usually go with fully assembling a model then painting it. To me is seems that if you cannot get there with a brush then really it's not going to be noticed. None of my models go into contests so the quicker they can fight the better I think!
Little blurry, best I could do.
This model is hard to do that with though. Maybe if it was a Dooomsday Ark it wouldn't have been so challenging but I knew I'd be frustrated in getting to the warrior passengers. I also realized I couldn't put the rest of it together, paint it all, then put the warriors in, it would have been a bear to glue them in so it wasn't worth it. Ultimately I painted it as 18 different pieces (prow, engine, 10 warriors, 6 ribs) then super glued it all together. This took a while, it shouldn't have, but between losing the prow for two weeks and then completely losing one of the ten gauss flayers I had a feeling it would never get done. But with a mighty push and the decision to forego the lost gauss flayer it came to completion amazingly enough.

I'm looking forward to fielding it although it is a very expensive transport! I'm not sure how the broad sides will work in play, but i'm sure i'll figure it out.

To keep up with the Christmas posts I'd like to share I scored and Imperial Sector from my amazingly wonderful wife. I've started it, and it is intimidating to me lol! I am afraid i'll put it together wrong and it will look dumb. I know the kit is a free form one but you know how it is, once that plastic glue is set you have what you have, nothing else to it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Just a short note to wish all who sees this a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crusade of Fire Review



So I ran up to my local (and by local I mean an hour and a half away) GW store to get a copy of the new Crusade of Fire book. I did so because this book sold so fast I nearly missed it, it is in fact no longer available. If it wasn't for Josh I would have been screwed, he is the king imho and I owe him.

That aside this is such a great book! But let me qualify that, because this is not a great book unless you meet some criteria:
  1. You play Warhammer 40,000.
  2. You like Games Workshop.
  3. You like books.
  4. You like looking at pictures of models.
  5. You like campaigns.
Otherwise this thing blows. Seriously it holds no value to you then, move along and don't hate post.
It is a book with the story of how the GW staff played a kick ass campaign with absurdly well painted models on wonderfully built game tables that will make you jealous and drool. That part is meant to be inspirational and I did find it inspirational although I can easily remember a time in my life I would have found it intimidating. The armies in it are fantastic, just gorgeous or really cool looking and I look at my Ultramarines and (soon to be posted) Grey Knights and (also soon to be posted did I mention I finished a ghost ark?) Necons and while none of mine are of their quality, they aren't too shabby. Reading this book and looking at all the great models has encouraged me to paint more and try a few new tricks. 

Also this book contains rules options for fliers (to make it more dog-fighty) and arena rules (for some pit fighting fun) as well as other optional rules to spruce up your games of 40K, if you happen to be part of a group that plays that much! My group does not, I average one war game a month which is sometimes 40K and sometimes isn't. I will say earlier this year I played a Battle Mission with James and it was tons of fun so maybe giving these alternate rules some priority is a good idea. If one waits till they feel they have a "firm grasp" on the basic play they will probably need to learn a new edition.

As for quality the book is top notch. I really like the hardback high quality approach GW is taking with its books. They are expensive, I will not argue, forty bucks for a 100 page book is high. But I do understand they are low production and I recognize I don't have to buy if I don't want to. Hell, I can go back and play 5th edition WHFB if I want. I think this book and the recent army books/codices are worth the sure wouldn't have hurt to make them say 35 or 30. But I'm splitting hairs there. I will say I am a bit sore that the limited edition stuff runs out so fast. I understand it from a purely business point of view (which ultimately is what it is) but the hobbyist in me is sore that there is no chance for me to save up for the Wall of Martyrs or anyway to get Blood in the Badlands.

Well, that's it for now. I'll try to get the Grey Knights added by the end of this week. I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and have all your shopping done!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where Have I Been?

Okay, so, big absence I know but I haven't been inactive. Since my last post I have....

  • successfully finished a Grey Knights army consisting of 1,920 points (which I will post pictures of soon)
  • reading two books
    • Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
    • Legacy (a re-title of the book A Tale of Two Clocks) by James H. Schmitz
  • finished my friend's first batch of RPG miniatures from his second commission
  • wrote a short story about Sasquatch
...and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of right now. 

I'm reading Cryptonomicon because of this article on io9 which I stumbled upon. I had already read three of them when finding the article (Dune, Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and 1984) and thought since I enjoyed those so much I should try some off this list. One reviewer wrote " A person who has recently readCryptonomicon is temporarily the smartest person on Earth. That's a fact. " about Cryptonomicon so I thought that would be a great place to start.

Legacy/Tale of Two Clocks is another matter. It was an old paper back scifi I've had sitting around, and frankly it's terrible. Maybe it's just my taste, but I have a taste for that old scifi and love it mostly, even the really weird stuff, but this just seems to go no where over and over again!
I'm going to finish it though just because I feel I owe it to Mr. Schmitz. He poured time and effort into this and just because it's not to my taste, or I just don't get it, is no reason not to honor him with finishing the story. 

I'm working on a variety of projects now, some necrons, some flames of war, various loose RPG figures, and a couple elemental figures. I promise I'll get some pictures of the completed Grey Knights force up soon! Honest!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging buddies. :) I know many of you don't have Thanksgiving but never the less I hope all of you have a great day any way :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Okay, so, I took a commission for a nice sized Ultramarines army and I've been painting on them for the past four weeks. Now they are done and they are going out to the fine gentleman tomorrow but I snapped a few pictures for myself before packing them up. Forgive the quality, it was in my basement with as much light as I could bring to bear.
Family Photo, smile!
The commission consisted of 3 tactical squads (2 AOBR and 1 DV), 12 terminators (10 from AOBR and 2 from DV), a bike squad of 3 (all DV), 2 dreadnoughts (AOBR), 2 captains (1 DV and 1 AOBR) and the Librarian from DV. This is a nice army, I'm jealous honestly as there are more infantry here than I have painted for my own Ultramarines! I need to get off my duff, flesh out my scout squad and add a tactical squad.

Here are a couple more pictures...
Right Flank.
Left Flank.
I am genuinely pleased with the results and I hope he is too. This is very clearly a battlefield paint job, I've done some dry brushing and did my best to make sure every pouch and grenade was painted. I've washed the metal to give it a better look. Tried to make the plasma coils "plasma-y" and give the cloaks and capes some deep recesses while keeping an eye on time. I could have camped in for months of work, but then my Ultramarine buddy wouldn't be busy killing the xenos would he? No.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures or individual unit pictures, I just didn't have the time. Day light being lost and all that. Next I'm hoping to finish some RPG figures for a friend, a techmarine I started, and some Romans. I'd like to get a new fantasy unit under way, specifically the men-at-arms for my Bretonnians! But we will see. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Working a lot...

...on a lot of things. But only one hobby project, an Ultramarine army for a gentleman who wished to retain my paint brush :) Below I've posted a poor quality cell phone picture of the finished force. I'll take more pictures tomorrow and put them up.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Knights Knights Everywhere...

...and not a dragon to eat them.

Forgive me Coleridge.

Finally finished some units. I've been busy and when I have time to paint I am usually painting on a dozen plus figures at the same time. So I get stuff done slower but when I do there is a whole bunch done at once.

If you've seen the changing tabs on the website you know I am making a concentrated effort to complete a certain number of Bretonnians before the end of the year and I am seeing this as more of a challenge than I did when I wrote that tab. Anyway, I got the Knights Errant unit done...
A disorganized charge.
Organized to impact the enemy, not a lance formation but good enough to run them over huh?
I find myself intimidated by the Bretonnian colors. There is a lot of color on them obviously and I feel a need to make sure they are bright and chivalrous to the best of my limited ability. I went with something a little different than my Knights of the Realm unit. I quartered the warhorses' coats with black on two quarters and the knight's color on the other two to show their allegiance to my lord during the war they are participating in. I've kind of gone off the assumption the lord is arming them and caring for them because they are Errants and really don't have all their own set up yet. The standard bearer is carrying the lord's standard just like with the Realm knights. Next up will be the men-at-arms and I plan to be able to go back to my 'dirty' style of painting.

Also, more knights, this time the Grey variety. I got the October tale of two gamers challenge Grady and I are doing complete: a unit of five Paladins.
Paladin's ready for war!
My Grey Knight army so far has a lot of terminators and that is a mixed bag honestly. It is great to have an army of the heaviest infantry the game can grant you armed with the most elite weaponry. But attrition is a harsh mistress and it is always a good idea to try to find a way to close with the enemy fast. My one outing with the so far was against Greg's Relictors space marines and they did terrible damage to me with only boltgun fire. Seriously my first seven losses were to boltguns even though he was targeting me with lascannons and krak missiles I weathered that fine. Once I closed with them though it was brutal.

This squad weighs in at a whopping  430 points with a wide variety of weaponry and gear. Ideally the unit is very endurable with a nathecium in it to give the unit 'feel no pain' and a warding staff for 2+ invulnerable close combat saves, but it comes at a great price. 

As a bonus I set up my finished Grey Knight army to date for a family photo...
Over 1,500 points and growing.
...quite a lot of silver there. Everything is my work except that squad on the right that is in regular power armor. Those came in a trade from Grady and I've got the models to upgrade it to a six man strike squad with a razor back. This army is a real departure for me. I typically avoid special characters and use a much greater variety of troop types. Kaldor Draigo is literally the first named character I have used in either fantasy or 40k in all my years of playing, wild huh? The army composition itself is heavy on elite infantry and specialists and really lacks the usual combined arms I try to employ, but hopefully Draigo making the Paladins a troop choice will help me with objectives.

I just took on a commission to paint an Ultramarine's army so as I get those wrapped up i'm sure  you'll see them but that also means you won't be seeing much of my usual stuff. So, see you later and good luck on the table :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Place to Call Home


A while ago I bought an Imperial Bastion model kit on a whim, a whim because I hadn't intended to buy anything that day and I realized that for 30 dollars (no 41, but still a good model price imho) it was a steal. I put it together pretty quick, primed it, then promptly set it aside to paint later.

Well my wife and I decided to start watching Grey's Anatomy through Netflix and I sat down with my paint and the bastion to enjoy the evening.

So over all I think it came out okay. I mean lots of blue obviously but it IS an Ultramarines bastion, and since the new rules allow you to bring some terrain with your army it seemed like a fun thing to add to the army and the collection of terrain I have.

I need some more sci-fi terrain though. I've got a couple card buildings, barricades, and hazardous chemical containers from Trinity: Battleground and a ruin I made from foam core board and paint but in general I lack anything clearly 40K-like, such as the bastion and it's accessories. GW has done a good job with the imperial theme rolling through everything and they make quality terrain pieces too. I would really like to get my hands on the moonscape (aka blast craters) set and an Aegis defense line although I do have a lot of barricades right now.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm working on several knights both the errant and the grey kind as well as some more RPG figures for my friend. Until next time may your dice always roll well :)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

In the Great Wastelands

So I've been working through all kinds of models, mostly other peoples. : /

Just how it goes sometimes huh? But in doing other people's I finished these...
...I have no idea who the manufacturer is and they seem slightly out of scale... well their heads seem bigger than they need be except for the man reading the scroll second from the left.

Just by accident I painted an adventuring party; thief, magic-user, fighter, and bard. No cleric which is obviously a terrible choice but they will have to make do.

Also last night we had our club night and a special project. One of our members who is not very paint work oriented brought a 1,500 point space marine army and we all sat down together and painted it for him. He painted as well, but it tortured him lol!

It was pretty cool seeing an army of about 40 models (including 4 tanks and a dreadnought) go from primed to finished in about five hours. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

A dreaded knight and a terrifying tank...

Been about a week since my last post and I'm happy to have a couple more completed models to put up. I've taken on a couple commissions so I'm only getting about 25% of my own work down right now. That should loosen up now that one of the commissions is done.

First up I finished the September challenge for the tale of two gamers that Grady and I are doing. We haven't gotten to play any, which sucks, but at least we are getting the models finished. He is almost done with his and that will bring us both up to date. This month was supposed to be an elite unit, but we were both tired of painting infantry and changed it to a heavy support. I did a nemesis dreadknight and he did...something. I'm not sure what it is. You know Orks, they make the darnedest things...

 Over all I'm happy with how he turned out. There were a few things I could have tweaked to make it closer to what I call museum display level, but as I was really going for table top level I gave it a little more than it needed. I did not name the pilot though, I need to do that, his name plaque is blank. The dreadknight kit is a nice kit, but wow is that base large. Sure it "only" fits on it but there is a lot of open space there. I put a busted necron immortal that he had just downed but I need to add a couple other things.

Also I completed a display model a Tamiya Panzer II Ausf. F.

Again a good kit. I didn't get it down as well as I would have liked, I don't know how many times I painted those daggone road wheels but still had bleed over. At some point you just have to call good enough done and move on. If you're astute you'll notice I made a significant construction error I didn't notice until the model was finished, if you can tell put it in the comments :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

RPG Fantasy Figures

Well my friend Adrian provided me with more figures to paint a while ago, and I've finally started on them. Been very busy but here's the first batch...
...they are various manufacturers and I'm not sure which. The figure of the dwarf warrior on the right is an old old figure. It had almost no detail in comparison to the work sculptors produces today but it was his favorite of the many he gave me and I have to admit I am fond of it as well.

I am not sure what scale they are supposed to be, but those elves are most definitely larger than the barbarian, that is not a disparity of distance.

I really like painting a random assortment of fantasy RPG figures like this. I usually 'theme' the same batch with similar colors but it is fun to paint something different than war games figures on occasion. I've got another batch of 4 primed up already and they should start rolling pretty regularly.

Also, I'm trying to plan a project: PAINT AN ARMY IN A WEEK. Ambitious I know, but, it will be a small army and it will likely have a very simple pallet. The idea is to see if I can pull of something like that.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Bought a Mule!

Okay so, past weekend got a few figures done and one refurbished.
Traded a horse and a bag of beans for it!
What I take from the fluff of the Mule is that it is the most utilitarian of the warjacks in a mercenary army and the model reflects this. Since I got this one in a good deal I figured it was most in character not to repaint it. I touched it up very little, reattached it to its base, and painted the base to fit the rest of my mercenaries. I'm looking forward to using him, figure that huge cannon will couple up well with my Mangler's aggressive nature :)
Two Repenters each painted differently, and only to battlefield quality. I'm looking for my style with Menoth, struggling with it a bit. But, I gotta say, these plastics are not very good. For as much as PP charges for these models I don't see the quality the metal models had.

Well I think i'm starting to get a feel for the Menoth color style I'm going to use and I've already started on Kreoss. I've got a handful of my friend's RPG miniatures done and I'll get those up in the next couple of days.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grey Knights, Power Mauls, and 1 Point Models

Mkay so we got a lot to cover here today folks.

Firstly I finished the second month of my painting challenge with my friend Grady. This month, well August, was to be an HQ (a hq... ?) and a second troop choice to fill out our basic requirements. As I had a ton of terminators I went with a second unit of them and went and got Kaldor Draigo. I have never used a named character in an army before as I buy into that "this is you on the table top" stuff. But frankly, Draigo just kicks ass. I don't know too many dudes that can strap a storm bolter to their sword arm and bring the hurt. Of course being a level 2 psyker and having all those special rules does not hurt a bit... or the 4 wounds :)
Forgive the quality of my pictures today. I am struggling to get them photographed in good light with how busy I am. Anyway, here is an equally poor picture of the terminators...
To be fair they are not my best work. Frankly I really struggled with them because the primer didn't work right and I had trouble getting the paint to adhere to the model. I use Krylon black primer, and when I primed these I accidentally used Krylon flat black spray paint. Which is nearly the same but not nearly enough and it proved to be slightly resistant to the acrylics.

This gives me over 800 points I've painted and if I add in the 5-man strike squad I got from Grady a while ago then it will be almost a thousand points. I haven't got to play them yet but I'm pretty excited too.

The 40k stuff aside I would like to take a moment to discuss something Warmachine related. Almost everyone I know either plays Khador or has played Khador. I have not oddly enough, I currently play Mercenaries and I've got a starting Protectorate force. I cut my teeth on Cryx and Cygnar was something I dabbled in a few games. I can't say I'm an expert, but I can say that the War Dog is the biggest bunch of bull I've seen in a miniatures game in a while. The Butcher's over powered rules and Vlad ridiculous spells aside. A 1 point piece that gives the caster +2 Def in melee and lets them ignore free strikes and back strikes, effectively allowing them to walk away from a fight, is way under priced. I would, without solid guarantee, pay 1 point for every caster I have ever played and ever would play for just that. Throwing in tough and counter charge is just ridiculous.

Sometimes I wonder if Privateer Press even play tests.

EDIT: I forgot the Power Maul in my title. Basically I just wanted to say I'm totally hyped that the Crozius Arcanum is a power maul. It means my chaplain is hitting at strength 6 in close combat. Sure the AP is only 4 but what ever I hit harder!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

D-Day In Ohio

Every year they cold a D-Day reenactment at Conneaut Ohio, I've been a few times and each time it gets bigger and bigger. When I first went all the volunteers were in the same field and there was a bulldozer that tracked up the beach for the couple dozen G.I.'s to hide behind while assaulting the German's.

Now there is 2 Mustangs and a bomber that flies over head making strafing runs, the bulldozer is accompanied by a couple small tracked vehicles and a Sherman tank. Over all about 500 reenactors bring their kits and stake out huge lots of real estate to pitch their tents and show off a variety of motor cycles, trucks, Wiley's jeeps, and 2/3rd sized armor.

It's gotten huge, really really huge, and if you get the chance to go see the 45 minute plus storming of the beach then definitely do so!

Some pictures for you...

2/3rd scale German armored car.

I love the guy who is sleeping in the passenger seat :)

Again a 2/3rd scale tank hunger.

You can see the gas line running down to the propane tank so they can fire  the gun without  using up expensive blanks.

This is the beach after the battle, the problem 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ubiquitous "not dead" post

Yeah, not dead, go figure.

Just really busy, I've been to see a D-Day reenactment at Conneaut Ohio and played in a Magic: TG draft event, had a club night, played the new 6th edition rules, and generally been running around a lot.

Soon i'll get some pictures up of the D-Day thing and I've almost got the next step in my Grey Knights army done so i'll post those too.

Until then here's a nice post from a fellow blogger with a wonderful picture of the original Dreadnought armor suit... love it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Project Chimera

Mkay, so, I saw Rob Hawkins do this thing where he "threw" together a doom wheel in a single evening. I thought that sounded like fun and figured one day I'd give it a try... although probably not on a doom wheel honestly. Anyway a couple weekends ago on our way to Twinsburg Ohio for Twins Days festival we stopped at the fine Games Workshop store in Columbus so I could grab some paint I needed. My loving wife, always looking to spoil me, grabbed me a model off the wall she thought looked awesome and that I could use in my armies, this turned out to be the Chimera.

I was very, VERY happy.

This was the perfect opportunity and last Saturday I sat down with my new still in box Chimera, my glue, my paints and my self and thought to go from box to complete in a single day. Oddly Rob's took 12 hours... and so did mine, except I was done by 10:30 p.m.
Right at start.
A little less than an hour into it.
Primed with the new Imperial Primer Technical paint.
 I bought the new 40K paint set because it had all the colors I needed, it had a good brush, it had this Imperial Primer, and it had what I thought was 5 generic marines (which aren't they are Dark Angels with the correct shoulder pads). The technical threw me and I did some internet research and found it was basically just like the thinned down black paint I had been using. I primed the model in it and actually it's a little nicer. It coats well, kinda thin, and dries quickly. I highly suggest it for anyone who likes to brush prime over spray priming. There was a warning that it shouldn't be watered down when using, and I agree, its thin enough... anyway...
First set of base colors, i'm about 3 hours in at this point. 
 You can see a collection of all the crap i'm doing behind Chrissy there (yes, it is named Chrissy). A Tamiya Panzer II aus. f waiting to be finished. Kaldor Draigo. A squad of GK terminators, and a unit of knights errant... i'll get to them all, just gimme time!
Some dry brushing and a wash on the wings.
 If you're looking at my (incorrect) times on the pictures  you'll see that there is a big three hour gap between the two of these. That's because during this project I was getting a couple honey do projects done too and one of them basically exploded on me. Never the less I powered through!
More dry brushing and more wing work.
Nearly done here.
Closer view of the nearly done body.
And there we go, all done, hanging out on my back deck.
And finally a little better picture, closer, FIERCER!
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that model and I look forward to fighting with it. Now i'm thinking about doing an army in a week... hmmmmmm.