Saturday, January 28, 2012

World of Tanks

Ugh, I am the worst tank commander in the world. But that doesn't stop me from getting back into the thing after I've welded all the armor plating back on does it? No.
Another battle outcome...
In getting a  new laptop with the capacity to play some of the computer games I've been wanting to explore, as well as re-explore World of Warcraft, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm not engrossed, but I am engaged and I think that is a good thing. I am particularly engaged by World of Tanks. A 'freemium' game that centers around tank warfare based on the stats from historical tanks up through right after World War 2.
Waiting patiently...
 It is a very nice set up. For a free account you get four tanks right off the get go (Russian, American, German, and French) and you can earn experience to research new equipment and new tanks then buy it with credits. You can buy gold with cash to get credits to buy tanks and better tanks crews.
Again, my normal result...
 It has a learning curve though and be prepared to find yourself on the receiving end of destruction more than you are handing it out. But as my crew have gotten better and I've maxed out the research for a particular tank I'm finding myself scoring more. Like below.
Not a bad turn out. 

The only thing I'd really ding it on is, not voice communication makes coordinating your team hard, and so far I have no one else I know playing so I can't really put together  a clan or a platoon. This game is still relatively new I think so that should evolve... I hope.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Batrep: Dark Elves vs. Bretonnia

An impromptu battle formed between myself and the club's resident elf lover, Ron. We agreed to a 1,500 point battle and neither of us knew which of our armies would be fighting. I decided to go with Bretonnians because really they are my home army. I don't have an effective way to cart them from combat to combat so with a fight at my home battlefield it seemed like a fair idea to field them. I build the following army list not knowing what I had coming my way...

  • Lord with questing vow, virtue of knightly temper, heavy armor, great weapon, shield, sword, and sirenne's locket
  • Paladin battle standard bearer with grail vow, virtue of duty, sword and heavy armor
  • Damsel with hand weapon and channeling staff; level 2 wizard, lore of beasts
  • 8 knights of the realm
  • 8 knights errant
  • 5 grail knights
  • 16 peasant bowmen 
  • 20 men-at-arms
  • grail reliquae with 12 battle pilgrims
Not heavy on magic items but I didn't think I'd be facing anything ethereal. I'm not sure exactly what Ron had in his army list but I know it consisted of...
  • A master with heavy armor and great weapon
  • A sorceress
  • 30 spearmen
  • 30 repeater crossbowmen
  • 30 corsairs with two hand weapons
  • 10 cold one knights
He had magic items but I cannot remember what. We rolled and got Blood and Glory and he had a fortitude of 6 to my 8. The first army reduced to 2 fortitude would be the loosing army that would flee the field. Here's how the fight went (keep in mind these are cell phone picture)...
This is deployment, we played a relatively sparse battlefield. The hill was a normal hill and the ruin was just a line of sight blocking piece of terrain. We decided the river was a raging river so that forces could move through it but it would be dangerous terrain. He won the dice roll to go first, and did go first, but he would have anyway as I needed to sacrifice first turn to get the blessing of the lady.
This is the end of turn one. He only edged forward with all his forces and flung some some magic that did not work and his repeater crossbows did one casualty to the peasant bowmen. My knights of the realm led by the lord took the charge on the cold one knights and smashed into them hard, they didn't loose any and in return slew enough that he broke and the knights ran them down. The knights errant engaged the corsairs and did some good harm taking none in return but they held their ground.
End of turn two. His repeater crossbowmen did significant casualties to the battle pilgrims and the corsairs continued to battle the knights errant. His sorceress was throwing both spells basically every turn with me dispelling on the magic missile. My knights errant would be fighting at WS 1 for a while. My pilgrims carried the grail reliquae into battle only to take yet more significant casualties from the stand and fire response of the crossbows. All the close combats proved indecisive, neither side would give ground.
End of turn three. He continued to wing spells which I was having trouble fighting against, my knights errant were still WS 1 thanks to his magic. My damsel had been throwing the amber spear at that sorceress since the beginning of the game and had never landed it yet. The knights move to set up a charge and my men-at-arms charged into the dark elf crossbowmen. My knights errant lost four of their number between the two combats and my men-at-arms and battle pilgrims took terrible beatings but neither combat was conclusive. No one ran, and it looked like no one was going to. At the end of this turn only a single standard had fallen, I had 8 fortitude and he had 5. The fight had been a brutal slug fest the entire time.
End of turn four. Things were very bloody this turn. He moved his general out of danger and moved the spear mean back so I could not charge their flanks. The charge from the grail knights, knights of the realm, lord, and battle standard bearer was just too much for them. 14 died in the combat while only 2 grail knights fell. The lord killed 7 on his own. They fled the table and I successfully kept my knights from following them. the other combats continued to beat on each other trading casualties and standing their ground.
End of turn five. Things had a sudden change. During Ron's turn he killed my knights errant standard reducing my fortitude there and my men-at-arms with reliquae broke the crossbows. The reliquae pursued and ran them down and the men-at-arms held their ground. During my turn the knights reformed to face some foes and the men-at-arms surprisingly successful charged and killed the dark elf general. Men-at-arms are no the best fighters (WS 2) but I got lucky and with five attacks scored two wound which he failed to save. The general was wielding a great weapon so was strapped with ASL and that led to his doom. That reduced the dark elves to a fortitude of 1 which resulted in a Bretonnian victory.

I think what hindered Ron's strategy beyond the wildly lucky dispatch of his cold one knights in the first turn was his threatening blocks hordes of infantry. They were solid combatants, but I think they all got in each others way and he couldn't really bring the spear men to bear. It was a really good game though and we both had a great time. I've not played my Bretonnians many times so it was nice to see them take the field. I look forward to a rematch with Ron, maybe next week at club night!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Periculosum Currus

...or "Dangerous Chariot" according to what language you speak.

I play against a lot of Chaos Space Marines.... by "a lot" I mean all the time. I've not really been equipped to crack their armor but now that I've gotten some trades under my belt, done some assembly, and now some painting I think I'm a little better prepared to bring some fight. Observe...

Note the scroll and the title of the armor... thanks to my Faber-Castell XS fine point black marker ;) 
Most siege shields are just metal, and since I wasn't going to do battle damage I figured this baby had just been refurbished for the battlefield and her shield is still painted.

I'm not sure how to do markings for tanks... so I just tried to make sure everyone knew it was Ultramarines that was beating them to death. 
Overview, isn't she a beauty?
The demolisher cannon only has a 24" range, which is kinda short for such ordinance but I can move 6" first so really it has a 30 inch range. With a strength of 10 and AP of 2 i'm really hoping he does some harm. Having a solid armor for what I'd classify as a light tank for 40k. He'll not range the field alone though, I do believe my chaplain escorted terminator squad will take the roll of chariot runners for this sweet piece of blue death. Not something you want to assault then, and not something you want to get close to you. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dwarf Army Started in 1996

Maybe even a little earlier.Some preface if you don't mind, and if you do and want to get right to the pictures please skip to the "Anyway" below.

In 1996 I discovered Warhammer Fantasy Battles and basically the entire realm of miniatues war games. It was the fifth edition of the rules, brand new box set and all. It came packed with Lizardmen and Bretonnians and to this day I still have and use the saurus warriors and skinks that came in that box. Everyone it seemed was playing Bretonnians. The charge of a lance of Knights of the Realm seemed unstoppable and everyone wanted to be unstoppable... except me and my friend Greg. He had always been a fantasy Dwarf playing kind of man. Every role playing character was a dwarf and any time a computer game let you play a dwarf he played one. He is still this way to that day. He started building a dwarf army with the grand plan to build a nice big army and while he has certainly collected a nice HUGE collection of dwarf models he has not truly finished mustering them all. Part of what didn't help was sticking his hand in a lawnmower, but that is a different story and I should let him tell it. I will say he has his hand but it impacted his desire to paint figures if not his ability.

This past year he turned 40 and not knowing what to get the man who has everything I thought the best I could offer was to paint forty dwarfs for his 40th birthday! He seemed to really like the idea and carefully assembled partially finished units so that my meager gift would flesh out these units and he would have several finished ones in all. I was more than happy to do this and after finishing the first couple of units he liked my battlefield paint jobs well enough he traded me some Necrons to help him complete a body of soldiers.'s the pictures...
The heroes of the force: a thane/lord, battle standard bearer, and runesmith/lord. I painted the thane and standard bearer.
Bolt throwers, a unit of 2 with an engineer upgrade between them looking through a spyglass. I did not paint any of these guys but I did base them for him. 
Long beards. I painted about half a dozen of these guys and based them for him. There are 19 here and no champion, he has a champion somewhere and I'm sure it will surface. All of these are very old models and there is a mix of those with flails and shield, great swords, cudgel flails, and sword and shield. I think it is a very characterful unit and with the combat abilities of dwarf long beards I am not looking forward to fighting them at all.
Miners. A mix of original metals and Battle for Skull Pass plastics. I painted the BFSP plastics and based the whole unit for him. There are two commands in a group of 14 but he has plenty more and frankly the look of the two different commands is kinda cool I think.

Quarrelers (they are always fighting among themselves), there are a couple old metals in the mix and mostly multi-part plastics. I did the majority of these models. 

Rangers, looks like quarrelers but they aren't because they also carry HUGE axes. Bugman is in there if you know who he is. I painted just a few of these but went over all of them with some gray for their clothing... they had the most terrible purple clothes and it had to go!

Thunderers, mostly done by me but there are quite a few of the old metals in the group. 

Warriors with hand weapons and shields. I painted the commadn crew for this unit and did a little touch up but nothing more. The two guys on the ends are dressed in gold, got to love that!

Warriors with great weapons. I did about half of these and touched up the uniforms of those I didn't mostly. They are in large part multi-part plastics but that guy on the right is fantastic. Barefoot, bright orange beard and hair, and a patch. 
And here is a total picture. This army comes to over 1800 points with no magic  in it. That is a solid body of  infantry to work from. 
This army reaching the table painted is quite an accomplishment. These models have trekked from household to garage to car trunk to some strange places. He has a lot more and I would wager something near a dozen different painters have all had a hand in their muster. I feel kinda honored to be part of such a diverse work.

You'll note, i'm sure, there are no banners. This is because I don't really do banners and neither does he. I think he's contemplating some kind of hanging shield motif, I dunno. What ever he goes with i'm sure the next craftsmen involved will add his or her unique aspect to the army.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Just an aside here, but while I am looking for good deals on Wargames Factory Celt Chariots to build into my Boudican revolt project I routinely look to ebay. This is typically what I find...
...what in the hell is wrong with people? As you can see the first entry is the Wargames Factory set I speak of (you can see it here) which retails from the company for $19.95... listed for more than retail!? What are they thinking? Do they think someone wants to pay more? Do they not think it is evident that wrapped that 'free shipping' into their list price?

The third listing down is the same set listed at retail... why would I not just buy it FROM WARGAMES FACTORY?! Seriously? I do not understand this thought process. I understand even less anyone who would buy this product from this seller at the same damn price they could buy it from the company.

There will also be listing where they have marked it down as much as it costs to ship them. I understand they are trying to offset their cost of shipping but ultimately I don't see where it is a better deal than buying it from the company itself, or, going to a seller like Miniature Market that is selling the chariots I want for six bucks below retail.

I am all about supporting the LGS. I will happily pay retail at my LGS (if I had one) instead of buy from an online retailer. I believe in the small business and I believe in entrepreneurship, but, i don't see listing something on ebay above retail as either of those. It seems like a bold attempt to gouge the unknowing and over all poor business.

On a side side note. I trade on Barter Town a lot and i'm seeing this trend where when people sell things and want paid through Paypal they want you to kick in an extra 3% for their Paypal fees. Correct me if I'm wrong but those are THEIR Paypal fees, not my fees, I have my own fees to pay.

Sorry for the rant... but that's just me I guess lol!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Necron Monolith and Testing Some Video

Okay, so, it's like 11:30 at night here and I don't look my best. Doesn't matter, i'm not trying to impress you. My new laptop has a built in camera and recording function and I thought it would be cool at some point to do videos for my blog. This is basically a test video, I don't say anything and I don't have a way to edit it yet so this is raw footage.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Stabity! Elf with Spear

Well, I feel like I am getting to gear back up into painting. The holiday's always put a stop to much of my productivity in that department and I feel like I can get it going again. I've got my Monolith on the table right now along with the last unit of Greg's Dwarfs for Warhammer. There is a score of viking huscarls almost done and a fistful of the 25mm Ral Partha's underway. I just finished a model for my friend John, his DnD4e character although I do not know it's name.

A four shot panel of the guy, not trying to be boastful I just felt there was things on each side worth looking at. I think over all he came out okay, I really like the hair as I don't paint blonde much and this seemed very much a classic elf with leaf work on his armor and flowing blonde hair. This is a slight rework of the Ilmarin Duskwander figure from Reaper Miniatures.
Painted by Anne Cooper, blatantly pilfered from the Reaper website at the above link.
You can see I carved the double bladed sword from his hands... which was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. That puppy was molded onto his front armor so I had to do some extraneous carving and careful drilling out of the hands. Then I slotted in the spear John gave me his character would be fighting with.

Next I hope to get either a battle report up, or Greg's finished Dwarfs, or the Monolith. I think it will most likely be the monolith as it is nearly done. Painting a big metal box shouldn't be this hard though...