Monday, January 16, 2012

Periculosum Currus

...or "Dangerous Chariot" according to what language you speak.

I play against a lot of Chaos Space Marines.... by "a lot" I mean all the time. I've not really been equipped to crack their armor but now that I've gotten some trades under my belt, done some assembly, and now some painting I think I'm a little better prepared to bring some fight. Observe...

Note the scroll and the title of the armor... thanks to my Faber-Castell XS fine point black marker ;) 
Most siege shields are just metal, and since I wasn't going to do battle damage I figured this baby had just been refurbished for the battlefield and her shield is still painted.

I'm not sure how to do markings for tanks... so I just tried to make sure everyone knew it was Ultramarines that was beating them to death. 
Overview, isn't she a beauty?
The demolisher cannon only has a 24" range, which is kinda short for such ordinance but I can move 6" first so really it has a 30 inch range. With a strength of 10 and AP of 2 i'm really hoping he does some harm. Having a solid armor for what I'd classify as a light tank for 40k. He'll not range the field alone though, I do believe my chaplain escorted terminator squad will take the roll of chariot runners for this sweet piece of blue death. Not something you want to assault then, and not something you want to get close to you. 

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