Monday, January 2, 2012

Stabity! Elf with Spear

Well, I feel like I am getting to gear back up into painting. The holiday's always put a stop to much of my productivity in that department and I feel like I can get it going again. I've got my Monolith on the table right now along with the last unit of Greg's Dwarfs for Warhammer. There is a score of viking huscarls almost done and a fistful of the 25mm Ral Partha's underway. I just finished a model for my friend John, his DnD4e character although I do not know it's name.

A four shot panel of the guy, not trying to be boastful I just felt there was things on each side worth looking at. I think over all he came out okay, I really like the hair as I don't paint blonde much and this seemed very much a classic elf with leaf work on his armor and flowing blonde hair. This is a slight rework of the Ilmarin Duskwander figure from Reaper Miniatures.
Painted by Anne Cooper, blatantly pilfered from the Reaper website at the above link.
You can see I carved the double bladed sword from his hands... which was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. That puppy was molded onto his front armor so I had to do some extraneous carving and careful drilling out of the hands. Then I slotted in the spear John gave me his character would be fighting with.

Next I hope to get either a battle report up, or Greg's finished Dwarfs, or the Monolith. I think it will most likely be the monolith as it is nearly done. Painting a big metal box shouldn't be this hard though...


  1. Nice conversion and painting on him.

  2. Thanks Dave, considering your capable paint work I take that as quite a compliment. :)