Friday, January 13, 2012


Just an aside here, but while I am looking for good deals on Wargames Factory Celt Chariots to build into my Boudican revolt project I routinely look to ebay. This is typically what I find...
...what in the hell is wrong with people? As you can see the first entry is the Wargames Factory set I speak of (you can see it here) which retails from the company for $19.95... listed for more than retail!? What are they thinking? Do they think someone wants to pay more? Do they not think it is evident that wrapped that 'free shipping' into their list price?

The third listing down is the same set listed at retail... why would I not just buy it FROM WARGAMES FACTORY?! Seriously? I do not understand this thought process. I understand even less anyone who would buy this product from this seller at the same damn price they could buy it from the company.

There will also be listing where they have marked it down as much as it costs to ship them. I understand they are trying to offset their cost of shipping but ultimately I don't see where it is a better deal than buying it from the company itself, or, going to a seller like Miniature Market that is selling the chariots I want for six bucks below retail.

I am all about supporting the LGS. I will happily pay retail at my LGS (if I had one) instead of buy from an online retailer. I believe in the small business and I believe in entrepreneurship, but, i don't see listing something on ebay above retail as either of those. It seems like a bold attempt to gouge the unknowing and over all poor business.

On a side side note. I trade on Barter Town a lot and i'm seeing this trend where when people sell things and want paid through Paypal they want you to kick in an extra 3% for their Paypal fees. Correct me if I'm wrong but those are THEIR Paypal fees, not my fees, I have my own fees to pay.

Sorry for the rant... but that's just me I guess lol!

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