Saturday, January 28, 2012

World of Tanks

Ugh, I am the worst tank commander in the world. But that doesn't stop me from getting back into the thing after I've welded all the armor plating back on does it? No.
Another battle outcome...
In getting a  new laptop with the capacity to play some of the computer games I've been wanting to explore, as well as re-explore World of Warcraft, and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm not engrossed, but I am engaged and I think that is a good thing. I am particularly engaged by World of Tanks. A 'freemium' game that centers around tank warfare based on the stats from historical tanks up through right after World War 2.
Waiting patiently...
 It is a very nice set up. For a free account you get four tanks right off the get go (Russian, American, German, and French) and you can earn experience to research new equipment and new tanks then buy it with credits. You can buy gold with cash to get credits to buy tanks and better tanks crews.
Again, my normal result...
 It has a learning curve though and be prepared to find yourself on the receiving end of destruction more than you are handing it out. But as my crew have gotten better and I've maxed out the research for a particular tank I'm finding myself scoring more. Like below.
Not a bad turn out. 

The only thing I'd really ding it on is, not voice communication makes coordinating your team hard, and so far I have no one else I know playing so I can't really put together  a clan or a platoon. This game is still relatively new I think so that should evolve... I hope.


  1. I used to be really hardcore into this game, and it remains fun even if you don't drop a dime on it.

    Generally the premium tanks aren't worth the cost to buy them. They're heavily armored but have pretty terrible weapons. Though some might argue the T-59 breaks this pattern.

    Also, a lot of newer players don't realize this, but you can quit out of a match when you're killed and go play a match with one of your non-destroyed tanks. Early on doing this with the free tier 1 tanks is a great way to get a lot of practice quickly since you can repair them for free.

    I also find that mid-low tier battles tend to be more fun than the high/heavy tier ones. In fact, my best performance thus far was with a Marder II.
    I walked away with 10 kills and a Kolobanov medal for taking out the last six or so enemies by myself and single-handedly winning the match.

  2. Hey OcelotKing :) Thanks for the comments.

    Right now my biggest is the T-28 and playing it gets swung between being low man on the totem pole in a tier 6 or 7 or high man in a low end game. Either way I usually get my butt handed to me by someone in a tank killer that I can't see but can see me. I'm still learning so much, and just starting to explore the fun that is SPGs, but I hope to be a usefully member of the random squadron soon :)

  3. The T-28 is a real grind. As you said, it gets thrown in with a huge range of tiers and more often than not you find yourself up against stuff that will smoke you before you even get a bouncer off.

    The Russian tanks do get better though. So it is worth it to do the slog.

    Also, there are a few 'weak spot' guides out there that show you some good places to target on heavy tanks so when you are up against a tier 5/6+ you can at least hurt them with HE rounds.


  5. You can with manual aiming. Every tank has weak spots that allow you to do significantly more damage for your shots.

    A quick and easy way to find out if your shot will hurt an enemy is to look at the little inverted V on your aiming point. It will turn green when you have a good shot and yellow for an iffy shot and red for one that has little/no chance to cause damage.

    If you study up you can even target specific locations on tanks to set their fuel tanks on fire or detonate their ammunition supplies.

  6. Use Skype for voice communication during the game. Don't bother with the video. My brother and nephew and I do it all the time. If you have any trouble with it, try starting the game first and skype afterwards.
    You manually target areas by using sniper mode. Roll the scroll wheel on your mouse forward, it is your "binocular". Then while your attention is on the tank far away, be careful an enemy doesn't sneak up on you...