Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grey Knight Strike Squad

I am painting, really, i'm very nearly done with a huge chunk of Necrons and Vikings and beginning to dig into some Celts and Space Wolves... all that aside though I just traded these from my friend Grady...
Forgive the photo quality. This is with my new cell phone and frankly I neither have a good camera or the money for a good camera. Anyway, this sweet 150 points squad is painted quite well and I plan to use it in 'friendly' games along with my Ultramarines as a troop or elite according to how my opponent feels is fair. I've always liked mixed forces armies; such as space marines with imperial guard, grey knights with space marines, CSM and DOC... you get the idea.

Soon, hopefully next week, i'll have pictures of necron warriors, destroyers, my own C'tan  (Tro'G'dor the Burner of Worlds) and some vikings on top of all that.

Good luck on the table!

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