Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is time you met your new masters...

...Zher'ket of the Black World and his Reclaiming Force!

The Necron army is done, everything I have is painted. Necrons are wonderfully fun to paint for me, easy and finished quickly. Without really planning it; through gifts, lucky finds, and beneficial trades I stumbled into a 2,000 point force. There are some other things I'd like to have to flesh it out but I make due as I can. Maybe later I'll pick up some of the new units to add to the army. But, I digress...

First an overview of the force...
Behold your new masters! muster consists of;

  • Necron Overlord
  • Destroyer Lord
  • C'tan Shard
  • 48 Necron Warriors
  • 5 Immortals with gauss blasters
  • 7 Destroyers
  • 7 Canoptek Scarab swarms
  • Monolith
Which can be brought to 2,000 points with war gear on the HQ units.

The Masters of Disaster! 
Led by Overlord Zher'ket and his insane brother Khafra a'Zhor "the Executioner", a destroyer lord. They both wield a staff of light (built before the new codex or you can bet Khafra would be wielding a war scythe) and will have a variety of war gear to supplement the warriors that will accompany them. The Overlord is an honest to goodness classic Overlord, you know those guys they first produced way back in like 2nd edition?
Can you hear their living metal feet marching?
48 Warriors is a pretty solid infantry bundle. I could use another box to bring me to an even 60 (and 10 caonptek scarab swarms), but really that might be a little over the top. Three units of 16 is probably how I'll field them, one HQ with each so that Resurrection orb will keep them getting up and an upgrade to Phaeron for my overlord so they can be relentless. If I expect an objective based game I might break them down to 12 soldier groups but without other lords and crypteks to back them up that might make them a little soft.
Zap zap zap! (Is that what sound a gauss blaster makes?)
5 Immortals, basically one of the new boxes worth, but these aren't the new ones. How can you tell? Cool green plastic rods. These are actually refurbished, rescued, metals models. They were pretty beat up and the rods were glued in and had paint on them so they aren't the prettiest of models, but, they are just as deadly as any others. I have another 4 that need rescued but I need that end piece for them and until I get them I'm not going to bother. You'd be surprised how hard it is to get that little piece. I should just but a box, make them into Deathmarks and then be able to complete the other four. I'm not sure five will do much damage, but we'll give them a try >GRIN<
"Imma hit you with my skull!"
Everyone seems to be putting C'tan Shards in their Necron armies. This is because they are hoss with invulnerable saves, and explode when you kill them, and the ability to move through terrain without worries, and a host of challenging powers to strike at your foe with. I plan to give mine (named Tro'khadar the Burner of Worlds) pyreshards and gaze of death. Nothing like high assault range weapons (Assault 8 that is) and area of effects (large blast, no save mwahahahaha!) to keep your enemy jumping. It should be noted I have absolutely no clue where this model came from (I know where I got it, I mean the manufacturer). He seems in the same theme of the GW C'tan shards and he had some horns and spikes but I snipped those off, didn't seem to fit him well. In my mind he's completely nuts and just rages around the battlefield killing stuff until Zher'ket puts him back in his Tesseract. If anyone knows what model this is let me know.
Jump Troops.. really!
One of two units of destroyers. You'll note, here in a second, that the bases differ between the two units. I need to paint these bases black and put terrain on them but I haven't gotten there yet. Destroyers have preferred enemy, which seems pointless since they have only 1 attack. But I'm hearing rumors that the 6th edition of the rules will allow preferred enemy to apply to shooting, which will make it usefull.
Less friendly than the other guys. 
Destroyer unit number two consists of four models, and they are grouped this way becuase these are also refurbished models. They were basically done to be truthful with you, but their bases were painted black and had sand on them so I felt a need to finish it so to speak. I plan to go back to the other three later and do up their bases but I didn't see a need right now (and also do the destroyer lords base to match them all).
They will eat your precious tanks... like Skittles.
Canoptek Scarabs have been receiving a lot of attention in the battle reports I've watched, and by "attention" I mean "gunfire". Their ability to literally tear armor off from tanks and eat it BEFORE rolling for penetration is frightening to those who rely on tanks. I think seven won't last too long. I'll try to shield them to get them into place for a solid strike but I don't doubt they will draw an unhealthy amount of bullets; and they don't get the reanimation protocol either >FROWN<
The Throne of Zher'ket
And finally a nice piece of heavy support; the ubiquitous Monolith. Every army should have at least one, they are amazing pieces of armor. Capable of taking ridiculous amounts of fire and ripping into the enemy with endless streams of gauss strikes, very satisfying to put on the table but hard to paint. I mean really, its basically a box..

Okay, so, there it stands what I think is a pretty solid army. Lots of infantry, a couple good leaders, some nice fire support and a big honkin' tank with loads of fire power. I would like to add an annihilation barge if I could get one and use the lord from that to build Zher'ket's royal court but I don't have extra money laying around and I don't NEED it to build the army. My friend has some dwarfs (you know the guy) he wants painted so I should get some more Necrons in exchange but he doesn't have any new stuff yet.

Oh yeah, I promised you sci-fi and fantasy dead... i'll leave these here...
...but don't turn your back on them or they will eat your butt....seriously...don't test them.


  1. Nicely done ghouls. I really like the mantic zombie/ghoul range.

  2. Thanks OceltoKing.... the mantic ghouls are nice. I have some zombies that are coming up to be painted after I get another corpse cart done. I will say my problem with mantic is they do not rank up well. So, be careful there lol!