Saturday, March 31, 2012

Annihilation Barge and Nostalgia

I'm not dead...damn near but not actually dead.

Life gets in the way of a wonderful set of hobbies way too much doesn't it?

I have been painting, at a relatively slow pace and because of that I've kinda only painted Necrons recently and touched up several Trollblood figures for the Warmahordes league that starts tonight. I've put pictures of those guys up before so that leaves what recent Necrons I've finished, which is this!

The Annihilation Barge (slash Command Barge) model is very nice. It is not hard to put together and since I've gone with a basic silver/boltgun metal/mithral silver/chainmail/what ever other metal paint I can find color scheme it's not hard to paint either. I assembled mine with a Tesla Cannon slung underside. I have mixed feelings on this unit; it is only 90 points so that is pretty cost effective for a skimmer although it is not fast and is considered open topped. The quantum shielding makes it solid against attacks (armor 13 all the way around) and living metal lets it be more useful. BUT, it has real firepower limits for something titled an "Annihilation Barge" which would imply...well...lots of annihilation. As the under slung weapon has too high a strength to be a defensive weapon so if you move it it's only firing the destructor for all intents and purposes. As that only has a range of 24" you're pretty much gonna have to move it often so that extra Tesla cannon isn't going to see too much action. And since Tesla weapons have no AP they aren't killing much with a decent armor save. So the jury (the one in my head anyway) is still out on this. I did what everyone else is doing by not gluing the destructor on so it can double as a command barge if need calls.

On the nostalgia sides of things I am slowly becoming a warhammer nostalgian.... if that is a word. It's got a squiggly red line under it so maybe not. Anyway this is why...

In the first picture the top five boxes are all unopened. Traded off from friends who bought way too much ten or so years ago and have since then shelved them. These products (except the bottom) are the series that was being sold when I started playing warhammer. I always wanted an undead army, the classic non VC/TK undead army and those three boxes from the undead series were the core of that army. It is really sweet to have these boxes now, kinda like reliving a childhood....but I wasn't a child. LOL!

The bottom box was before my time but it looks sweet. Nothing like getting six different races of warriors  in a single box, that had to promote a lot of multiple army building!

Well next up will be a handful of Necron HQ models and hopefully...wait for it.... VIKINGS!

Good gaming and may your dice always roll well!

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